Call Center Manager Job Description for best Customer Service

A Call Center needs the right manager to control the heavy duties. The Call Center Manager job description shows the responsibilities of employee recruitment until gaining the company’s purpose. It helps the staff to present the best customer service in any situation. Well, let’s see how this Call Center job description sample helps you properly.

Call Center Manager Job Description and 8 Great Responsibilities

Call Center Manager has some main responsibilities to complete timely. It includes hiring staff, providing training, prepare and motivate them. These duties assist the members in providing the best service to customers. Next, it analyzes call center metrics, sets objectives, and ensures both staff and company. It gives reliable supports to the staff and company within realizing effective customer service goals.

The Call Center Manager job description explains them in 8 great responsibilities:

  1. The Manager of Call Center provides support for customers by leading call center representatives. It also hires staff before, training, as well as coaching it.
  2. The Call Center Manager answers the representative’s questions and resolves issues that the representative cannot conduct. It guides angry customers for difficult issues through calls.
  3. It leads to team meetings and explains expectations to employees. The manager also asks for questions to understand the call representative better. Usually, it is in the form of receiving, educating, as well as coaching workers. It coaches according to t practices and processes.
  4. It establishes call center objectives and identifies trends for assisting other management team members.
  5. Ensure staff members to take corrective action and achieve service levels.
  6. It prepares reports as well as analyses data of the call center. The purpose is to improve processes and maximize efficiency as well as customer satisfaction. The manager undertakes it to ensure the proper allocation of resources.
  7. Providing refunds or replacement authorization.
  8. It must take on other projects or duties to support call center operations, other managers, and employees.

Call Center Manager Job Description with 9 Qualifications

The Call Center Manager job description presents 9 qualifications to meet and demand. It consists of:

  • The Call Center Manager comes from a high school diploma or equivalent. But, it is let more education or experience for applying for and it will get a plus.
  • Its abilities to remain calm under pressure and multitask primarily during intense situations or peak hours.
  • Show exceptional conflict resolution, customer service, interpersonal, problem-solving, and communication skills.
  • Great management principles knowledge and familiarity with policies, products, and services, of the company.
  • Brilliant leadership and coaching skills as well as motivate employees.
  • The Call Center Manager should have attention to detail and decisiveness.
  • The ability in technology like phone systems, computers, and software application is proficient.
  • Keep possessing a polite attitude and professional phone voice.

Thank you for reading the Call Center Manager job description until finishing. Utilize this chance to find the right people for serving customers excellently. Good luck!


  • What is Call Center Manager?

Call Center Manager is the start in a call center company that must provide excellent customer service.

  • What does Call Center Manager perform?

The responsibility is to manage the staff members from hiring, preparing, training, and motivate them to serve the customer properly. The manager still should undertake other duties like ensuring staff and company, set objectives and analyze call center metrics.

  • What is the purpose of the Responsibilities?

It addresses to achieve goals and provide efficient and reliable customer support.



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