Car Detailer Job Description: Get Closer to a Car Detailer


This auto detailer professional summary will help you to know more about car detailers. Greatly, they will provide the cleaning services of the automotive interior and exterior. Then, in this car detailer job description, you will see the responsibilities of car detailers and some requirements to get this job.

Some Responsibilities in the Car Detailer Job Description

There are some responsibilities of a car detailer that must do. Do you want to know them? They will be available for you.

  1. Clean vehicle

In this first duty, the car detailers must have the ability to clean the client’s vehicle. It is especially for interiors and exteriors. Besides, they must clean it based on the company standards and the request of the client.

  1. Operate the equipment

This car detailer job description shows that car detailers must also be able to operate the needed equipment that supports their job. It can be vacuums, steamers, buffers, hoses, and others. Actually, it can help the process of the service.

  1. Use professional agents

What does it mean? Yea, it means that car detailers will use cleaning, protective, and restorative agents. It can help them to get the vehicle’s appearance.

  1. Move vehicles

Here, the car detailers have to be able to move and even park the vehicles. In addition, they must also deliver vehicles to the right locations. If it is necessary, they can pick up the owners of vehicles.

  1. Manage the inventory

Then, what is the next responsibility of car detailers? Yea, they have to manage and control the inventory of the company and also reorder the supplies.

  1. Check the vehicle’s condition

The car detailers also have a duty to perform the inspections and keep complete the vehicle’s condition of the clients.

  1. Fulfill client request

In this responsibility, the car detailers must fulfill the requests of the client. So, it is based on the clients’ needs. Besides, they have to respond to any questions from the clients.

List of the Requirements in the Car Detailer Job Description

What about the requirements of the car detailers? To know it more, please follow the information below well!

  1. Get a high school diploma

You have to recognize that the car detailers should get high school diploma education. It is also completed by having a driver’s license with a good driving record.

  1. Have experience

This car detailer job description tells that the company will prefer everyone who wants to be a car detailer and have experience. It is of course that the experience in car detailer.

  1. Give the excellent service

It is the next requirement that you have to fulfill as car detailers. They must be able to give excellent service to clients. It includes their communication or interaction and also interpersonal skills.

  1. Work every time

The car detailers should be ready to do their jobs every time. It means that they have a willingness to work weekends and even holidays.


  1. What are car detailers?

The car detailers will clean the interiors and exteriors of the automotive vehicle. It covers the cleaning services that are from a basic to the intensive one.

  1. How do you customize the detailer job description?

When you tell a car detailer job, you have to include the information about responsibilities and requirements as a car detailer.

Well, that is the car detailer job description. Have a nice learning!


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