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The Importance of Career Development Plan

Career development is an effort that should be done so that the career plan that has already been made can bring optimum results. Career development is a company’s task to form a relationship with the people who are managing their careers. Career development should be done with special strategies and plans.

Because every career development plan should target certain individuals and how the plan will be performed. But you can also make a career development plan by yourself.

The Phases of Career Development Plans

Career development plans are divided into 3 phases, here they are.

  1. The Planning Phase

This phase includes the alignment of employee career design plans with company careers. The aim is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of workers in carrying out tasks.

  1. The Directing Phase

This phase is purposed to help workers to be able to make their career plans come true. It can be performed by directing through counseling or approach by using information services.

  1. The Developing Phase

This phase is a way for employees or workers to manifest their creativity and initiative to occupy positions in the future. This can be done in several ways such as mentoring, training, job rotation, and scholarship programs.

The Importance of Career Development Plans

A career development plan is very beneficial and important, especially for employees. Below is the importance of such a plan.

  1. Understanding Passion More

Understanding passion is surely important for employees to develop themselves according to their talents and skills. By understanding their passions, employees will also be able to work more productively, more creatively, and more innovatively. Passion is like a bridge in developing a career. If passions and talents are not yet found, it will bother productivity.

  1. Prosperity Guarantee

Creating career development plans is like having a prosperity guarantee that is really important for employees. Guaranteed welfare will make employees more loyal at work. Training, education, that scholarships received by employees become capital for their higher achievement.

  1. Increase Confident

Creating and having career development plans surely becomes ammo for an employee to increase and improve their confidence. Confidence is important for an employee so that they will be able to complete in the global development.

  1. Develop Work Relationship

Career development means that employees will deal with new people according to their positions both within the company and outside the company. This relationship opportunity is very important for self-development that can be a capital to face social challenges in the future.

  1. Create a Healthy Working Environment

If every individual is satisfied with the environment and the benefits they get at work, the condition in the company will be more conducive. a positive work climate will certainly increase employees’ spirit at work. Not only that, but the mental health of the workers will also be realized. Therefore, career development needs to be done continuously. 

Those are the phases and importance of career development plans. For you who want to be a better person in your career, you are highly suggested to create career development plans.

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