Charge Nurse Job Description for monitoring Staff and Patients

Charge Nurse job description clarifies the roles in the hospital or healthcare facilities. As the nursing sisters, the responsibility just covers a specific ward. It completes the responsibility by overseeing staff and care for patients. Understand more about duties and others in this Charge Nurse job description emergency department!

Charge Nurse Job Description has 10 detailed Responsibilities

During handling a specific ward, the nursing sister still has one more responsibility. It is in the form of the action to ensure that everything runs properly during the shift. By the way, how does the nurse complete those responsibilities? Seemly, the Charge Nurse job description has an easier way to outline everything in 10 duties:

  1. Save the medical records of the patients while monitoring vital signs.
  2. Monitor and oversee staff along with their necessaries.
  3. The Charge Nurse should coordinate schedules, patient care, and nursing assignment as the daily administrative tasks.
  4. It engages in supervising patient recipient, transfers as well as discharges.
  5. Undertake training, support, and mentoring new staff besides giving all staff member’s guidance.
  6. The Charge Nurse has assisted families and patients, provided compassionate care, and monitor medical charts.
  7. Liaise with administrators, staff, and doctors. It needs to communicate any change of protocol to staff.
  8. Make sure compliance with all safety and health regulations
  9. Record reports accurately and maintains them.
  10. Respond to emergencies or issues calmly and efficiently by identifying them.

8 Charge Nurse Job Description Requirements reliable effectively

To work or employ a Charge Nurse, it needs 8 qualifications to submit and prove. According to the Charge Nurse job description, all requirements pertaining to some aspects. Look at below for detailed requirement information:

  • The nursing field in a bachelor’s degree or associate is the right educational background for the Charge Nurse.
  • The Nurse of Charge is mandatory to demonstrate a valid Nurse License.
  • The healthcare facilities also often require further certification.
  • It needs a prior healthcare facility work experience.
  • Ultimate skills in communication, leadership, and organizational.
  • The Nurse should compassionate with the skills of problem-solving and good judgment.
  • Any healthcare facility demands the nurse to proficient in medical software systems besides Microsoft Office.
  • It asks for handling work shifts and stresses properly.

Okay, thank you for following the Charge Nurse job description until the finish. Without this effective template, you will not finish your plan to hire a new nurse of charge on time. Meanwhile, this most effective template ensures you can run your plan properly. It is a specific staff for a specific duty. Therefore, wise to choose the right template like this. Good luck!


  • What is a Charge Nurse?

It is a typical nurse that works in a hospital and other healthcare facilities. With another name of nursing sisters, this staff just handles one ward with some responsibilities.

  • What are the primary duties of Charge Nurse?

During handling the ward, it must care for the patient pertaining to the health thoroughly. On the other hand, it still oversees staff as we as ensuring everything runs well.

  • What does the Charge Nurse need to meet the qualifications?

The educational background must in a bachelor’s degree or associate with the Nursing field. Besides that, it must possess related certificates, license, experience, and also skills.



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