Church Custodian Job Description: Learn the Responsibilities

This church custodian job description will tell you that church custodians have some responsibilities that they must do. Some of them are like cleaning the area of the church and handling the basic repairs. Then, you will know the other duties of church custodians in this church maintenance job description.

Lists of Responsibilities in the Church Custodian Job Description

There are some responsibilities of church custodians that you have to recognize. What are they? So, please follow them carefully!

  1. Keep church facilities clean

First, this custodian should always clean the facilities in the church.

  1. Make sure that all areas are clean and stocked with items

This position should maintain the cleanliness of the church. Besides, they should ensure that they stock any necessary items to certain areas around the church.

  1. Observe the procedures of proper chemical handling

A church custodian should do this responsibility of church custodian job description for a few matters. They can do it while wearing gloves, masks, goggles, and others.

  1. Perform maintenance

This custodian needs to do this responsibility for some reason. They are such as making repairs, changing light bulbs, and restocking the bathroom.

  1. Assist with preparation of the event

When there will be a certain event in the church, there should be prepared. In this matter, a church custodian should assist with that preparation.

The Requirements of Church Custodian Job Description

If you like to be a church custodian, you can apply for this position. Before applying for it, you can consider the requirements below.

  1. Pass a high school diploma

This is the minimum degree you should fulfill if you want to be a church custodian.

  1. Get custodial experience

The second requirement of church custodian job description you need to consider is an experience. You should have a custodial experience before applying for this position. Without any custodial experience, it may be rejected.

  1. Understand safety procedures and cleaning techniques

In a church, the custodian should keep safety and cleanliness around the church. So, they should have a good understanding of both safety procedures and cleaning techniques.

  1. Have good interpersonal skills, excellent comprehension, and strong communication

Those matters are important for the church custodian since they will deal with and serve so many people that come to the church.

  1. Have the flexibility to adjust the schedule

While doing their work, church custodians may meet the various needs of the church. In this matter, they should be able to adjust the schedule of the church.



What is a church custodian?

A church custodian is someone who works to clean and handle some basic repairs of the church.


What are the main responsibilities of this position?

A church custodian has to keep the facilities’ cleanliness, stock certain areas with items needed, perform maintenance, and much more.


What are the requirements to be a church custodian?

Being a church custodian needs some requirements like high school diploma, experience, safety procedures and cleaning techniques, and some others.

Well, that is all about the church custodian job description to share with you. Hopefully, it can increase your understanding of this job description.


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