Clerk Job Description for Clerical and Administrative Tasks

A clerk job description can show where this profession can undertake the responsibilities. The Clerk often sits in an office, bank, hospital, and more. It is because many places need this position to complete their administrative and clerical tasks. For more information, look at this Clerk Typist job description and outline it.

Clerk Job Description needs 9 Responsibilities to compile

The clerk comes with other names like Administrative Assistant, General Office Clerk, and receptionists and office assistants. The main responsibilities pertain to the tasks of administrative and clerical. For instance, typing documents, liaising with clients, filing, and answering the telephone. Concisely, the Clerk job description needs 9 responsibilities to compile it in detail. Feel free to scroll down:

  1. The Clerk is in charge to serve clients from welcoming up to offering them refreshments.
  2. Continue with filing, faxing, recording, and transcribing documents.
  3. It must maintain database systems, inventories, and filing.
  4. Proficient to operate some office equipment like fax machines and photocopiers.
  5. The Clerk must be ready to face any complaints and or queries from the clients. Alongside that, this staff must stay communicating both with employees and clients.
  6. Next, the duties ate sorting and forwarding. It must do for emails and incoming mail. Then, the Clerk should prepare as well as send outgoing mail.
  7. Undertake meeting rooms booking and preparing also ensure the availability of the refreshments.
  8. It should book accommodation and flights if necessary.
  9. Disseminate information and coordinate activities with the office staff.

Compile Clerk Job Description with 6 Requirements

Within compiling the Clerk job description, only writing the responsibilities is not enough. It always looks perfect with adding requirements. Such as this page, it presents 6 requirements to compile and adhere:

  • The Clerk may take the diploma of high school with relevant experience. It will be better if the candidate supports the requirements with an Office Administration Certificate.
  • Associate’s degrees can be the second education background options but the study must in Ofice Management.
  • Due to the main tasks are typing and pertain to documents, the computer skills must be strong. Then, add with a working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • The clerk must possess stunning organizational and time skills.
  • The character is attention to detail as well as a personable demeanor.
  • Lastly, the Clerk should have the ability to type words per minute or type the words about 45-60 WPM.

Okay, it is not difficult to be a Clerk with the administrative and clerical tasks. Nonetheless, the system of the performance must always be conscientious and accurate. As long as the Clerk job description accompanies your days, each of your plans will run smoothly. Good luck!


  • What is Clerk?

A clerk is a person that works with two primary duties like clerical and administration anything the office. Besides clerk, it often calls as Receptionist and Office Assistant, Administrative Assistant, and General Office Clerk.

  • How does Clerk finish the primary liabilities?

This template outlines them into some duties like typing documents, responding to the telephone, and filing. Once more, Clerk is in charge to liaise with clients.

  • What is Clerk’s educational background?

It receives the candidate from a high school diploma and Office Management in an Associate’s degree.


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