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How to Create Coffee Shop Business Plan Template

By creating a simple coffee shop business plan template could help you to start your business off the ground by following the average layout that is consisting of a single document divided into some sections. A basic business plan could be done in several sections. The section is listed below:

Title page

You need to enter your business information. You could start it with your business legal names. If you already have a website for it, then you could include the address. If you have a business logo then add it to the top or bottom of the title page. Furthermore, the title page must be including a table of content of every section as well as the page number where it starts.

Section 1: Executive summary

Put the executive summary close to the beginning of the plan, but you have to write it last. It should give a short, succinct, and positive overview of your business that could capture the reader’s attention so they will be curious and want to know more about it.

Section 2: Business/ Industry overview

Here in this section, you should give an overview in regards to the coffee industry, the local market, and what makes your business different from any other business.

Section 3: Market analysis and the competition

The next step of how to create a coffee shop business plan template is by making market analysis and the competition. Establish that you have analyzed the target market and stated that there is a decent demand for your product to make your coffee business feasible.

Section 4: Sales and marketing plans

State how you want to attract customers to choose your coffee shop including promotion, advertising, pricing strategy, sales, promotion, and service.

Section 5: Ownership and Management Plan

Here you need to write down the legal structure of your coffee business including the ownership, the management and staffing requirements that you want for your business.

Section 6: Operating plan

You need to make a draft of the physical requirements of your business such as retail space, equipment, labor, inventory, supply needs, etc. You also need to write the details of custom facilities, specialized equipment, supply chains, and multiple employees because the coffee business needs such a requirement as its operating plans.

Section 7: Financial Plan

This is the most essential part of the business plan, specifically if you want to find external financing or if you want to entice investors. Your financial plan has to illustrate that your coffee business will grow and become fruitful. Here you have to state these following financial statements:

  1. Income statement

This will display your projected revenues, expenses as well as your profits. You need to make this every month for at the very least the first year of your business for a start-up business.

  1. Cash Flow Projections

This section displays your monthly anticipated cash revenues and expenditure for expenses.

  1. Balance sheets

This will be a snapshot summary of the assets, liabilities, as well as equity of your coffee business at a certain point in time.

  1. Breakeven analysis

In this section, you will need to establish to your investors or financiers what level sales that you need to accomplish to make a profit.

Section 8: Appendices and exhibit

Here in this section of your coffee shop business plan template, you will need to display any detailed information that you need to support other sections on the plan. 

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