Community Outreach Coordinator Job Description 2020 in Detail

Community Outreach Coordinator job description support society to have a good relationship in a broader community. It creates a sponsorship agreement to realize the responsibilities and offers to business, organization, and individual. The Community Relations Coordinator job description knows how to implement outreach strategies. Feel free to follow and utilize this insight.

7 Responsibilities on Community Outreach Coordinator Job Description to understand

The focus of the job is to oversee the planning of outreach strategies and then implement them. In the meantime, the primary duties include cultivating relationships and creating sponsorship agreements. The cultivating relationships refer to other relevant organizations, businesses, as well as individuals. If you want to understand responsibilities in detail, pay attention to 7 duties from this Community Outreach Coordinator job description:

  1. The responsibility of the Community Outreach Coordinator is to maintain outreach activities calendar. It contains community appearances, events, workshops, and other communication opportunities.
  2. Hold community outreach activities from preparing an annual budget.
  3. Nurture collaborative partner relationships both old and new.
  4. Schedule outreach exhibitions regularly and educate about community responsibility to employees in the community.
  5. Prepare records and reports accurately on the objectives of the fundraising plan.
  6. The Community Outreach Coordinator still must oversee a management system of a professional donor.
  7. It must assist with the organization to hold special events like appreciation events or donor/volunteer and other fundraising initiatives.

7 Requirements on Community Outreach Coordinator Job Description to meet

Anyway, the Community Outreach Coordinator job description also brings 7 points on requirements. The amount of qualification is the same as the responsibilities where both keeps want to serious attention. It consists of:

  • The Community Outreach Coordinator must come from a bachelor’s degree in business, communications, or marketing
  • Add the working experience of 3-5 years with outreach activities or non-profit fundraising.
  • Prove the stunning skills in written communication and presentation.
  • It also has strong experience in preparing reports.
  • The characters of the community Outreach Coordinator should be a positive attitude, friendly, and enthusiastic.
  • Afterward, the knowledge of Strong knowledge of other basic marketing platforms, as well as social media, must be broad.
  • Lastly, the Community Outreach Coordinator is detail-orientated by manage multiple projects at once by utilizing the ability.

Well, the Community Outreach Coordinator job description is concise in the detailed role that relates to duty and qualifications. The target is not only individual society but also organizations and businesses. Do you have an imagination about which candidate that fits this job? Just utilize what you know here to apply for the job and invite the prospective candidates. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is the Community Outreach Coordinator?

It is a coordinator that works for outreaching many elements from individual, business, and organization to join a community. The Coordinator works hard to connect them and gather in a broader community.

  • What do Community Outreach Coordinator primary Liabilities?

It meets the objectives by overseeing while implementing the outreach strategies to the target properly. Then, it presents a sponsorship agreement as well as grow relationships among the targets.

  • Could you inform about the Community Outreach Coordinator’s educational background?

You may select them from the educational background that has a bachelor’s degree. The field comes from marketing, business, and communication. It as well as needs about 3-5 years of working experience in this field.



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