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How to Make a Comprehensive Fundraising Plan

A comprehensive fundraising plan template can be found in some sources. Today there are some non-profits and smaller charities or start-ups that operate without using fundraising plans. You will need to have a committee and also a volunteer group to go for it. Some preparations should be done such as making letters and do some donor meetings too.

You need to write down your fundraising plan first no matter how small your charity, school, church and some other things. You need to write a well-written fundraising plan. Your writing will focus on your effort and it can be used as guidance on tactics and strategy to get money. You need to think about events, mailings, calls and some other things. You can get some ideas on how to make a fundraising plan here.

Decide Who and When

The first thing that you must answer when you want to make a comprehensive fundraising plan is by writing your plan and when you should write it. There are two important questions that you must answer:

  1. Who should write the plan?

It is important to who should write the plan. It may be development staff, development director, or executive director.

  1. When they should write it?

Ideally, you write a plan every year or you can write 2,3, 4 years plan and tweak it at the beginning of every year.

Anatomy of the Fundraising Plan

Before you write your fundraising plan, you need to know some elements related to this plan. You need to know about the anatomy of this fundraising plan before. Here, you will get information related to the anatomy of a fundraising plan

  1. The goal of your fundraising plan

It is important to decide the foal of the fundraising first. The goal of the fundraising plan will be related to how much money you can raise and can be used for the activities that you will do in the future time.

  1. The message of the Fundraising Plan

If you have already answered the goal of this fundraising plan, you need to ask the mission or message that you want to deliver from your fundraising plan too. You can continue by asking about what do you plan with money and other questions.

  1. Tactics for Fundraising Plan

The most important thing that you must consider is about tactics of the fundraising plan. You need to figure out how to raise the full amount of money. You also need to think not only for one year but for the next two years and maybe for the next three years. There are some tactics that you can do such as by major donor groups, events, grants, telemarketing, online and e-giving.

  1. The Timeline

The last thing that you must consider is the timeline. You need to set a clear timeline so you can do all things with a clear period too. The timeline will be related to fundraising decisions when the time to send invitations, sponsorship, and other things.

After you know some important elements related to the fundraising plan, you will be able to write down your plan first and then start to do what you want to do to get your goal. You can get some examples of a comprehensive fundraising plan template to give you more ideas.

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