Computer Technician Job Description 2020 to resolve Plus maintain PC


Who needs a computer technician? The existence of the computer technician job description proves that this profession exists. It turns each manufactures employs some to handle their PC system both maintenance and repair. By the way, it is the computer technician job description sample that worthy to use as a guide.

Computer Technician Job Description on Definition and Duties

The definition of the computer technician is concise and easy to guess. According to the duties, it is an employee that works for maintenance and repairing PC issues. The technician should maintain computer systems, maintaining internet connectivity, and maintaining servers. Further, it works for resolving troubleshooting errors, running diagnostic tests, providing technical support, and repairing computer hardware. It turns out those duties make this job has some similar name. People also call it as Desktop Support Technicians and PC Technicians.

Is it true the PC technician must handle those duties? Find the truth through 10 liabilities on the computer technician job description:

  1. Troubleshoot PC issues by identifying the causes or sources.
  2. Maintain hardware and software.
  3. Resolve network as well as connectivity issues.
  4. Upgrade firmware and repair motherboards.
  5. Work to install CRM programs and software applications.
  6. Manage workstations.
  7. Handle security updates.
  8. Coach end-users.
  9. Provide technical support.
  10. Test while debugging programs.

9 Requirements to gather according to Computer Technician Job Description

There are 9 requirements to pass if someone wants to be a computer technician. This amount balances the responsibilities above. For more information, look at what computer technician job description writes for you below:

  • Must graduate from Information Science, Computer Science, or Equivalent.
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills.
  • Exceptional Active listening skills.
  • Strong data recovery and data storage Knowledge.
  • Good service-oriented.
  • Professional technical expertise.
  • Knowledge of computer systems working is superior.
  • Time and task management.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Knowledge of computer software is extensive.

Additional Information on 4 Skills to support Computer Technician

According to the duties and qualifications of the computer technician, this page infers 4 main skills that supporting the performance. It is such as:

  1. Problem-solving skills

It refers to gather, analyze and then process the information as the step to identify a resolution.

  1. Technical skills

The technician of the computer must have in-depth to resolve the arising problems. The knowledge consists of troubleshooting, maintenance, installation networks, and computer systems.

  1. Communication skills

It refers to two kinds of communication skills of verbal and written as well as active listening.

  1. Customer service skills

The skills include attentiveness, time-management, positivity, and patience during serving the customers.

So, the computer technician job description informs on the various duties and requirements. However, ten duties just refer to troubleshoot and maintain. Good luck!


  • What is a Computer Technician?

Computer technician, PC technician, or desktop support technician works for troubleshooting and maintenance of the computer and network.

  • What are Computer Technician Liabilities?

The duties of the computer technician are plenty enough from maintaining computer systems until providing technical support.

  • How do you succeed in hiring Employees?

Firstly, the company must perceive the definition, duties, and requirements of the computer technician in detail. Afterward, use the most efficient template that allows editing freely to customize the job description. Add the interview section to make sure their quality.

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