Construction Laborer Job Description: Doing Physically Tasks Well


As you know that a construction laborer works on construction sites. He can load the materials, remove the hazards, and others. To get that position, you need to have the construction laborer skills. To know everything about the skills, you can check in this construction laborer job description. Let’s see them in detail!


The Responsibilities in the Construction Laborer Job Description

There are some main responsibilities of a construction laborer that you should know. Here they are.

  1. Operate the equipment

The first duty that a construction laborer does is operating the equipment of construction. He will also care for it and the machines.

  1. Help other employees

In this case, a construction laborer will help some employees like equipment operators, carpenters, and other skilled labor. However, he will do it if they need his help.

  1. Prepare the construction sites

Then, what is the next responsibility in the construction laborer job description? Yea, a construction laborer must be able to help the company to prepare the construction sites. He can do it by cleaning the possible obstacles and also hazards.

  1. Follow the instructions

What does it mean? Well, it means that a construction laborer has to obey the rules. One of them is following the instructions from the supervisors. Thus, he will do everything if there is such as commands from the supervisors of the company.

  1. Load the materials

Actually, a construction laborer not only loads the needed construction materials but also unloads the heavy materials.

  1. Take apart the structures

Here, a construction laborer will be responsible to take apart the temporary structures like scaffolding. It is important for highway construction, building, and even environmental remediation.


Kinds of Requirements in the Construction Laborer Job Description

On the other hand, some requirements are needed to be able to get a construction laborer position. So, what are they? Please follow this information carefully

  1. Get a high school diploma

For the qualification, a construction laborer should get an education of a high school diploma.


  1. Have driver license

The other requirement is that a construction laborer must have a valid driver’s license. So, the age must be at least 18 years old.

  1. Do physical labor

Then, what is the third requirement in this construction laborer job description? Yea, if you want to be a construction laborer, you must have the ability to do physical labor. Besides, he must also be able to do other active physical tasks.

  1. Have experience

In this case, everyone who wants to be a construction laborer must have experience. It is especially as a general laborer in the construction industry.

  1. Work every time

What does it mean? It means that a construction laborer must have the ability to work in all weather. Here, he can work in the dry season and even in the wet season.


A construction laborer handles many physical tasks on the construction sites. They are like maintaining various machines, operating the machines, loading the materials, follow the supervisors’ directions, and others. To do those duties well, you should be reliable, hard worker, and physically fit.

That is a reference to the construction laborer job description. Just learn it well!



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