Construction Worker Job Description Great Ideas


A construction worker becomes the one who helps the constructor to build a house or a building. He must have a lot of works to do including loading and unloading the materials for building, removing debris, assisting heavy equipment, etc. Construction worker job description must also include erecting scaffolding around the tower and doing other building instructions and plans. Usually, he must have known his construction worker job description template before doing his duties first.

Construction Worker Job Description Information

We are looking for a construction laborer or worker who could do all the required tasks of the construction worker job description well. The candidate must be a hard worker and able to do a lot of works at one time. A fast learner and a full-of-energy candidate are more likely referred.

Construction Worker Responsibilities

Working as a construction worker, you must take the responsibilities to do your jobs and duties related to your construction worker job description, such as:

  • Prepare for construction materials, tools, and equipment needed
  • Prepare the building site in advance
  • Remove dangerous materials from building sites
  • Get rid of debris and garbage
  • Loading and unloading building materials as well as the building tools and equipment
  • Help the contractors, electricians, and painters (if necessary)
  • Erect barricades, break down temporary structures and assist a scaffold
  • Mix, pour and level the concrete building
  • Operate heavy machinery, transport, and equipment
  • Dig holes, tunnels, and poles
  • Follow all safety and health standard regulations
  • Follow traffic signs

Construction Worker Job Qualifications

If you would like to apply as a construction worker in our company, you must meet the construction worker job description qualifications first. They are:

  • No Education qualification (but High School Diploma preferred)
  • Have experience of being a construction worker before (preferred)
  • Used to work with hazardous materials or do heavy works
  • Willing to be trained by our workers
  • Willing to work with a team
  • Physically strong, healthy, and fit


Construction Worker FAQ

What is a Construction Worker?

A construction worker must be the one with strong, healthy physic and mild temper to do a variety of works in a building site. He prepares the construction site, loads and unloads material for building, remove debris, etc. He follows all kinds of works or duties requested by the constructor or the site supervisor. He may work anytime even in the evening if it is needed.


What Should You Include in A Construction Worker Job Vacancy?

If you are going to post a construction worker job vacancy, you should mention the requirements and qualifications needed. Plus, do not forget to mention teamwork skill and outdoor working capability. After all, once a construction worker finished doing his work, he may go to another new site-building location to start working again.


Do You Need to Interview Applicants for A Construction Worker?

A construction worker must be the ones who could work hard and be available anytime if needed. There are indeed few qualifications for this job but if you want, you could interview the applicants. Therefore, you may know whether or not they have strong physics to do heavy works.


That’s all about the construction worker job; hopefully, it will be useful for you who want to create a job vacancy but confused to begin.


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