Content Marketing Manager Job Description and FAQs


We are hiring a content marketing manager now. This position is very important for our company so that we want a talented one. In this role, he/she is responsible for our inbound marketing strategies. In this article, let’s discuss the content marketing manager job description further.

Content Marketing Manager Job Description Template

A content marketing manager will have many tasks and duties that belong to the responsibilities. In our company, you will work with our company’s lead generation, blogs, and social media. Anyway, you must be able to expand the digital footprint & brand awareness of our company.

In this content marketing manager job description template, we will also talk about the required qualifications to be met. An ideal candidate must be a creative marketing professional. If you have a writing background, you are preferred. You also have to be up-to-date with new marketing techs.

Content Marketing Manager Job Responsibilities

A content marketing manager is responsible for many tasks and duties. Different companies may give different duties. In our company, the detailed content marketing manager job responsibilities are summarized in the following list:

  • Designs content marketing strategies & sets short-term goals
  • Undertakes content marketing initiatives to reach business targets
  • Collaborates with writing and design teams for producing high-quality content
  • Develops editorial calendar, delegates tasks, and ensures that deadlines are met
  • Delivers engaging content regularly and inspires the members of the team
  • Edits, proofreads, and improves content
  • Optimizes content considering Google Analytics and SEO
  • Analyzes web traffic metrics
  • Shares content from different channels to ensure strong website presence
  • Receives customer feedback and generates ideas to improve customer engagement

Content Marketing Manager Job Requirements

To fulfill this job, you have to meet some required qualifications related to the educational degree, experience, skill, and many more. Below, we provide a list that consists of the content marketing manager job requirements in detail:

  • Work experience as a similar role especially a content marketing manager
  • Proficient in WordPress, Ms. Office programs, or other software for the content management
  • Understanding of website publishing requirements
  • The editorial mindset with the ability to predict audience preferences
  • Good experience with web traffic metrics and SEO
  • Expertise in different platforms of social media
  • Attention to detail and good skills in project management
  • Excellent skills in writing and communication in English
  • BSc degree in a relevant field especially journalism or marketing

Content Marketing Manager FAQs

What does a content marketing manager do in a company?

A content marketing manager designs content marketing strategies; sets short-term goals; undertakes content marketing initiatives to reach business targets, and does many other duties.

Can I edit the posted job description template here?

Yes, you can. Since it is an editable content marketing manager job description template, you can easily tailor it to your needs.

Do you have interview questions for a content marketing manager?

Besides the content marketing manager job description, a collection of interview questions for all candidates can also be found on this web.


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