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Welcome to the Corporate Trainer job description 2020! This template assists to prepare new staff for facing new employees without any mistake. Such as you know, the corporate trainer works for giving training to the new employees. Here, you must make this staff looks professional and like a senior. Luckily, the corporate training job description knows how to realize it.

8 Liabilities on Corporate Trainer Job Description

A Corporate Trainer is a specialist working for increasing the productivity of a company. The staff meets the definition by in charge to teach new knowledge and skills to employees. It turns out the employees should not come from beginners but also seniors. They teach them through seminars, team exercises, and lectures.  Undertaking team exercises assists to update employees on company procedures and goals.

By the way, a Technical Trainer is another name of the corporate trainer. The corporate trainer job description breaks the duties into 8 steps to fulfill:

  1. The corporate trainer must identify company training needs and undertake it along with the management.
  2. Create a training schedule that is appropriate for sessions.
  3. Oversee as well as direct individual training sessions, workshops, lectures, and seminars.
  4. Plan an effective training curriculum and then implement it to the employees.
  5. Supervise training budgets.
  6. Prepare hard copy training materials including videos, module summaries, and presentations.
  7. Train and guide new employees.
  8. Develop monitoring systems. The purpose is to ensure all employees meet job responsibilities according to training.

5 Requirements to meet according to Corporate Trainer Job Description

There are 5 requirements for meeting by each corporate trainer in 2020. If you do not know it yet the corporate trainer job description will show it for you. The five requirements consist of:

  • The education must come from a bachelor’s degree in HR, business, finance or equivalent.
  • Mesmerizing skills of communication, interpersonal, and presentation.
  • Demonstrate working experience as a corporate training between 3 and 5 years.
  • In-depth knowledge of the recent techniques of corporate training.
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills.

Vital Factors pertain to Interview Questions for a Corporate Trainer Applicants

Two things must undertake after completing the job description is posting a job list. You can do it after organizing the interview questions. Talking about the interview questions, you must utilize 5 factors to arrange it. Firstly, the question asks about interpersonal skills. Secondly, the answer must demonstrate the educational background of the candidate. Third, ask them for outlining their possible weaknesses. Fourth, test their skills of the lesson plan. Lastly, the question is about how do they demonstrate the latest knowledge of training methods?

Let’s start and complete your corporate trainer job description immediately because the next plans have been waiting for. By completing the job description, you will easier arrange the job list and interview inquiries. Good luck!


  • What is Corporate Trainer?

A corporate trainer is the same as the technical trainer that works for increasing manufacturer productivity.

  • How does the Corporate Trainer handle the Responsibilities?

It increases the productivity of a company by teaching new skills as well as knowledge to the employees. The training is in the form of workshops, seminars, team exercises, and lecturers

  • What do you should do after completing the Job Description?

After completing your job desk, you must arrange your corporate trainer job advertisement. Post it in any media and then make your best interview questions.



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