Creative Director Job Description with the Recent Update

A creative director job description outlines the duties of working in marketing and advertising companies. It breaks the primary liabilities of the Design Director into several duties. Stay abreast of this creative director job description advertising and marketing. So, you will find more than you plan and look for.

Creative Director Job Description loads 8 Responsibilities

Once more, the creative director is the design director that works in companies with marketing and advertising businesses. The primary responsibilities consist of four things. It includes shaping brand standards, planning company advertisements, revising presentations, and monitoring brand campaigns. Those all break into 8 duties according to the creative job description such as below:

  1. The creative director has to produce new ideas by work with the brand team. The new ideas include promotional campaigns, company branding, and marketing communications.
  2. Updating the latest marketing techniques, assess new data, and evaluate trends.
  3. Respond to the clients’ inquiries by resolving issues online and professionally
  4. Create and implement marketing plans according to individual client requirements.
  5. Provide creative sessions and brainstorm meetings directly.
  6. The creative director must ensure all products have been appropriate to the brand. It undertakes by creating procedures and forming brand standards.
  7. Monitor budgets and deadlines, assign project workload and oversee the department’s daily workflow.
  8. Meet clients’ requirements by developing outstanding copy.

6 Creative Director Job Description Qualifications

Have you knows the requirements of the Design Director to apply for? The creative director job description informs it in 6 qualifications. It consists of:

  • The creative director precisely graduates from journalism, marketing, art, communications, graphic designs, or equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.
  • It has a digital experience in a minimum of 5 years including in emerging technologies, social media, and websites.
  • A solid understanding of web practices, design, and copy.
  • Brilliant interpersonal and communication skills.
  • It has in-depth knowledge of multichannel marketing models and brand development.
  • The creative director has to have a strategic and creative thinker.

Guides to organize Creative Director Interview Questions

In 2020, everything needs a guide including when you want to arrange the interview questions. This page has some tips to design the creative questions to use in the interview session. Ask about how do they will begin to promote a brand of a new product? Find out how they giving feedback to the team after the campaign failure. Ask about the three latest technologies and creative systems. Ask about it and let them mention it. Find out how they ensure the clients about the new campaign that they dislike it. Let them tell the most challenging project that they ever faced and how they handle it.

Now, use your company policies and regulations to customize this creative director job description. You may use it directly but it will be better if you edit it for adding your company necessary. Calm down, it will not break any copyright and here you can edit it freely. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is a Creative Director?

A creative director has a synonym for a design director who works for a creative department at marketing and advertising companies.

  • What do the main duties of a Creative Director?

It is in charge to plan company advertisements, revise presentations, shape brand standards, and monitor brand campaigns.

  • What do you should do after completing the Job Description?

After your job desk finishes, you should move to make a job list, post it, and call them for interviews.


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