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Is a Crime Scene Investigator is similar to a Criminal Profiler? Do not confuse because this page has discussed it before. Now, it is the time to the Crime Scene Investigator job description. Know more it details the Criminal Scene Investigator job description for understanding the differences.

Crime Scene Investigator Job Description 2020 of Responsibilities

The Crime Scene Investigator is different from the Criminal Profiler because the focus of the job description is not similar. The Criminal Profiler focuses on the suspect while it focuses on the victim. It uses the crime scene to identify, gather, analyze, as well as process evidence. The profession that is well-known as a Crime Scene Analyst or Forensic Science Technician has several working fields. It may work for the law enforcement agencies from local, state, until federal.

Today, this page outlines the Crime Scene Investigator job description into 9 duties. It consists of:

  1. The Crime Scene Investigator must ensure the crime scenes free of tampering and contamination effectively.
  2. It undertakes identification, gathering, until packaging evidence directly at the crime scene. It may consist of fingerprints, weapons, DNA, fibers, and other biological evidence.
  3. Create future reference by draw sketches, videotape, and photograph the crime scene.
  4. Carry evidence for further analysis of the laboratory.
  5. Make reports in detail from compile and evidence documents.
  6. The Crime Scene Investigator will testify in court using the evidence that he/ she collects.
  7. It demands to work for investigating with a team or independently.
  8. High adherence to protocol and a strong understanding of it.
  9. Willingness to improve knowledge and supplement skills by attending training and exercises.

9 Crime Scene Investigator Job Description Requirements 2020

The latest information on the qualification of the Crime Scene Investigator, it demands 9 points. Let’s this Crime Scene Investigator job description assists to understand the requirements:

  • The Crime Scene Investigator must show a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, or equivalent.
  • It can additional certification where it is often necessary.
  • This Investigator must think critically, having deductive reasoning and problem-solving skills.
  • It also demands the professional have strong communication skills such as written and verbal.
  • Ability to operate photographic equipment and specialized computer software.
  • The Crime Scene Investigator should attention to detail.
  • Never complain to work over weekends, day shift as well as night shifts.
  • The ability to travel is high and strong.

Well, you have known the difference between both professions in law enforcement agencies. You should recruit the right professional worker afterward. Even, you can place them in the right position. Thank you for reading the Crime Scene Investigator job description. Good luck!


  • What is a Crime Scene Investigator?

A Crime Scene Investigator is the professional worker that works in some law enforcement agencies. Anyway, the Crime Scene Analyst and Forensic Science Technician are the synonyms of this profession.

  • What do the Responsibilities of the Crime Scene Investigator?

It handles the crime scene to find exact evidence from identification and collect it. Then, it analyzes what it finds in the crime scene to get the final result.

  • What the Crime Scene Investigator will do after that?

The Crime Scene Investigator will bring the evidence to the court as the witness. It also testifies using the evidence.



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