Customer Service Associate Job Description for Smarter Services

Customer Service Associate job description of the duties during serving the customers. It may differ between customer service and the customer service associate. Both similar and different, this page more focuses on the duties and the requirements. See the detailed information on the Customer Service Associate job description for resume 2020.

Customer Service Associate Job Description on Definition and 10 Duties

Well, the Customer Service Associate works for assisting with the customers by responding to their queries. It turns out this staff as another name as Customer Service Representative. Usually, the answers refer to the company’s services and products. So, it does not only pertain to the products but it is an extender to the company. This staff must provide proficient services for all customers. Therefore, the responsibility includes maintaining the knowledge of the company and products.

Seemly, it is the difference between the general customer service and the customer service associate.  In 2020 the Customer Service Associate job description reveals 10 duties from the primary liabilities. It includes:

  1. Increase customer service skills by growing product knowledge through attending training sessions.
  2. Resolve customer inquiries via phone, email, fax, mail, and walk-in.
  3. Undertake incoming calls processing and log it into a CRM system.
  4. Identify customer needs.
  5. Forward while escalating inquiries to relevant departments and individuals
  6. Contact customers to give them their inquiries progress as accurate feedback.
  7. Provide amazing customer service.
  8. Update customers’ information according to their requirements.
  9. Maintain confidentiality of information.
  10. Perform other duties as necessary.

10 Qualifications on Customer Service Associate Job Description

Each company should request 10 qualifications for the applicants and you must write it on your job list. No worry you can organize it properly as long as you still follow this page. The Customer Service Associate job description has undertaken it neatly such as below:

  • The last education for a Customer Service Associate is at least a High School Diploma. Nevertheless GED or suitable equivalent may apply for it.
  • It has one year or more experience as a customer service or equivalent.
  • Complete providing training.
  • Proficient computer skills.
  • Experience with CRM will prefer.
  • Proficient with MS Office suites.
  • Excellent phone etiquette.
  • Outstanding verbal and non-verbal abilities as communication skills.
  • Strong people skills.
  • Ability to work by sit at a desk for a long time per day.

Okay, that is what you look for from the Customer Service Associate job description. Welcome your luck through this template from the earlier. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is a Customer Service Associate?

A Customer Service Associate is a worker or staff that does not far different from the general customer service. However, the responsibility is more than serving the customers by describing the products. It gets additional primary liability by explaining the company products. So, the questions of the customers are more than about the products.

  • How does it maintain the best performance?

Besides mastering all about product knowledge, it also masters the company in detail. The knowledge is extender than common customer services. So, it is always ready to serve people who want to make a cooperation with the company.

  • How do you post a Job Advertisement?

Using this job description is the most important thing to post your job advertisement. The template helps to emphasize and highlight essential things. It is such as requirements, roles, and duties.



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