Cyber Security Engineer Job Description for Database Safety

Nowadays, each company should have a Cyber Security Engineer to secure their networking systems and computer. The Cyber Security Engineer job description knows how to secure them from potential cyber-attacks and hackers. You should remember that they always have new ways to infiltrate and damage or steal sensitive databases. Let’s learn this Cyber Security Systems Engineer job description!

Cyber Security Engineer Job Description and the 7 Essential Responsibilities

Never underestimate the hackers and cyber-criminals because they are always around you. They are always ready to target your sensitive data to steal or just mesh it. Of course, it does not occur because all business confidentialities are usually inside. It can make you lose and beneficial for your competitor. On the other hand, the Cyber Security Engineer assists with company or business by protecting their network and computer systems. On this page, the Cyber Security Engineer job description safeguards through the 7 responsibilities:

  1. The Cyber Security Engineer protects data, networks, and systems through several steps. It plans, implements, and manages security measures. Even, it always monitors and upgrades it.
  2. Troubleshoot issues of network and security.
  3. Responding to all breaches both on the system and network security.
  4. Apply for appropriate security controls for ensuring the data and infrastructure of the business are safe.
  5. Engage in the change management process.
  6. Test to identify vulnerabilities of system and network.
  7. Complete daily administrative tasks. Then, report as well as communicate with other relevant departments in the company.

Cyber Security Engineer Job Description and the 7 Requirements

The seven duties to complete are not difficult to undertake by the engineer. However, the company must have the right engineer with the right qualification. Luckily, the Cyber Security Engineer job description understands it and informs on the 7 Requirements below:

  • The educational background comes from a degree in Systems Engineering, IT, Computer Science, or the same qualification.
  • It has 2 years of work experience for handling forensics, incident response, and incident detection.
  • Show experience with Endpoint Security, 365 Security, VSX, Office, and Firewalls (maintenance and functionality).
  • Proficient skills in Java, Python, Node, Ruby, C++,  and Go and/or Power Shell.
  • The Cyber Security Engineer should be ready to work in a fast-paced environment and under pressure.
  • Smart to use problem-solving skills and analytical mind for showing strong attention to detail.
  • Great awareness of hacking techniques and cybersecurity trends.

Working as a Cyber Security Engineering sounds cool although it is full of challenges. Do not worry and show a concise job advertisement. Thank you for reading Cyber Security Engineer job description. Good luck!


What is Cyber Security Engineer?

Cyber Security Engineer is the technician that assists businesses in protecting their network as well as computer systems. The purpose is to protect sensitive data and information from cybercriminals and hackers.

Why does the Company need to employ the Cyber Security Engineer?

Hackers and cybercriminals exist around you without you realize it. It infiltrates your database to stoles it and leaks your business confidentiality to the public. They can enter viruses or do many things both based on your competitor command and independent.

What is the Educational Background for a Cyber Security Engineer?

It needs graduation of Systems Engineering, IT or Computer Science in a bachelor’s degree.



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