Dishwasher Job Description for Culinary Business

Dishwasher job description exists in culinary businesses, hotels, cruise ships, and others. Indeed, those places cannot employ one person for handling all so their kitchen is always full of employees. Find all answers from your questions about this job in the dishwasher job description template. Let’s check it dot

Dishwasher Job Description and 8 Responsibilities

The dishwasher duties are plenty enough but the company must present it in understandable information. Undertake it when you apply for a job advertisement. Your dishwasher job description must look brief but cover all. How many responsibilities to conduct by a dishwasher? Here are what they do:

  • Wash dishes, pans, pots, and flatware to make sure the availability of clean dishes. Then, reset dining areas.
  • Clean and restock dining areas as well as cook stations to prepare the next shift.
  • Clean appliances and machines like mixers, pots, coffee maker, and pans.
  • Unload deliveries and store it.
  • When finding something spill or break, sweep, and mop the floors immediately.
  • Throw the trash and rinse garbage bins.
  • Support other staff members by assisting their tasks.
  • Report accidents, food safety codes violations, and procedures happening in the kitchen.

6 Requirements on Dishwasher Job Description

Next, the company has to inform on the requirements of the dishwasher job vacancy. The dishwasher job description writes six requirements for the applicants. The requirements are:

  1. High School Diploma or equivalent.
  2. Minimal work experience.
  3. Communication and problem-solving skills are strong.
  4. Exceptional time management skills.
  5. Willing to work per shift (8 hours) by walking and or standing. Besides that, the ability to lift the load at least 20 pounds.
  6. Always comply with entire food safety procedures.


Those are things to follow when complying with the dishwasher job description to hire people. The content must generate to get the best dishwasher that is willing to work by finishing all duties. All duties finish perfectly not just finish or fulfill the obligation.


  • What is Dishwasher Job?

The dishwasher works to clean, restock, and assisting other restaurant staff. After restocking utensils, dinnerware, and glassware, it helps them to handle other cleaning duties and prepare tasks.

  • How to get to undertake this duty?

The dishwasher must work in the right place (template). Nowadays, it is not difficult to get. The excellent template for complying with the job desk should free customizing both online and offline. Anyway, this page available for you who wants to work quickly with the best result. Feel free to modify the content of the job desk without adding fees.

  • Is there any additional Information or Requirement on the Dishwasher?

It turns out informing on the requirement and duty on the job advertisement is not enough. You should add some information on quality and quantity. Tell how many employees you need in your kitchen. Then, make sure that the candidates come more than fulfill the requirements. However, you will get a new employee with excellent quality. Usually, you will know it when you face them in the test and interview section.


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