Driving Instructor Job Description for All Manner Vehicles Course

The business of driving instructors will not die because many people interest to drive. Driving Instructor job description, of course, explains how to teach people to drive safely. Besides, that, it must ensure the student will capable to drive quickly. Find Driving Instructor job description responsibilities and requirements in detail here!

9 Responsibilities on Driving Instructor Job Description to pay attention to

Driving Instructor teaches the students using two methods like theoretical and implementation. The Instructor accompanies the students to implement the training theory that they get in the class. The purpose is to develop students’ driving abilities both regular and commercial vehicles. By the way, Driving Instructor job description eases your comprehension in 9 following responsibilities:

  1. The Driving Instructor prepares lessons according to students’ needs.
  2. It instructs the students on the functions as well as parts of a vehicle. Then, it explains on-road regulations.
  3. It teaches all driving aspects primarily in practical skills.
  4. Assist the students to increase their driving skills confidence.
  5. Obtain a vehicle’s control during emergency circumstances.
  6. The Driving Instructor must calm students when getting difficulty.
  7. Log the student’s progress and then report it.
  8. Inform the students when they will undertake the driver’s test.
  9. The Driving Instructor is mandatory to report all accidents to the principle of the driving school.

8 Requirements to meet on Driving Instructor Job Description

In general, people can train to drive at home with their sibling or friend but using a Driving Instructor is safer. Moreover, this staff does not only give practice but also theory. The company that employs this staff must know the requirements too. Anyway, the Driving Instructor job description notes 8 requirements to meet:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is enough as a Driving Instructor’s educational background.
  • Show valid driving license based on the level of you will teach later on.
  • Demonstrate a valid Driving Instructor’s certification or license.
  • Prove working experience as a Driving Instructor.
  • Show clean driving and criminal records.
  • The Driving Instructor must show excellent verbal and written communication because it teaches in two ways.
  • This profession also needs high forbearance and enthusiasm.
  • Ability to work calmly under pressure, on weekend and during evenings.

Thank you for following the Driving Instructor job description and take the lesson. There will be numerous people that are ready to fill this position. Moreover, the requirements are a piece of cake. By the way, it becomes from the current duty to truly select the best. Find special abilities from the requirements that they have. Some of them just meet it in theory not real. Good luck!


  • What is the meaning of the Driving Instructor?

Driving Instructor is a staff or teacher that assists students to drive cars and similar professionally. It teaches based on the level of the driving license and gives theory as well as practical training. This staff always be ready to teach to drive commercial and regular vehicles.

  • What are two valid licenses to possess by the Driving Instructor?

Two valid licenses to possess are the licenses to drive and to driving instructor.

  • What are specific requirements to differ Driving Instructor with other professions?

The Driving Instructor must demonstrate two clean records of criminal and driving. Besides that, it must prove the prior driving instructor experience.



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