Employee Relations Specialist Job Description; Providing Counseling Services to Staff

The employee relations specialist is an HR practitioner whose main responsibility is to handle labor relations among the company’s workers. The employee relations specialist job description also includes providing counseling services to the company’s staff, conducting exit interview questions, etc. Employee relations specialist becomes also involved in the recruitment process. To remind him of his various tasks, the employee relations specialist tends to make use of the employee relations specialist job description template.

Employee Relations Specialist Job Description Information

We are looking for a person who wants to work as an employee relations specialist and does the employee relations specialist job description tasks. The candidate must have great knowledge and understanding of the employment laws, standards, and regulations. Remember, the employee relations specialist will take part in new employee recruitment. Plus, it is a must to know basic HR tasks.

Employee Relations Specialist Job Responsibilities

As the employee relations specialist, you must do several different responsibilities related to your employee relations specialist job description in advance. They are:

  • Offer employees a variety of counseling services
  • Arrange the employee physical exams
  • Participate in both new employee recruitment and firing processes
  • Perform interpersonal and communication skills training
  • Assist with employee background and profile checks
  • Verify the employee’s personal information
  • Handle employee complaints
  • Inform HR policies, benefits, and compensation to workers
  • Liaise with both the employees and management to ensure the information
  • Conduct exit interview questions
  • Watch over the employee’s orientation and training
  • Collect and analyze employee database
  • Represent the company at job fairs, university, or college campuses
  • Create employee profiles with proper data
  • Organize and keep employee files up-to-date

Employee Relations Specialist Job Qualifications

If you would like to be the employee relations specialist, you must meet the employee relations specialist job description qualifications and requirements below first!

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or equivalent
  • Have experienced working as the employee relations specialist before (min. 3 years)
  • Great understanding and knowledge of employment laws and regulations
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication (verbal and written) skills
  • Gorgeous organizational and problem-solving abilities
  • Pay attention in details
  • Ability to work both independently or with a team


Employee Relations Specialist FAQ

What is The Employee Relations Specialist?

The employee relations specialist works to do mostly HR tasks. He conducts exit interviews, gets involved with employee recruitment, creates the employee profiles based on data, etc. Mostly, the employee relations specialist is communicative. Well, he supposes to handle all things related to employee services. Therefore, it is a must for him to have great communication skills.


What Should You Include in The Employee Relations Specialist Job Description?

If you want to look for the employee relations specialist for your company, you must write down all the qualifications and requirements preferred. Therefore, the applicants may know what they need to include in their CVs and resume. Do not forget to mention the multitasking ability since this position may have several duties to do at one time.


Do You Need to Interview Applicants for Employee Relations Specialists?

The employee relations specialist takes important role in the company. He is the one that may employ and fire the workers or staff. Therefore, it is a must to interview the applicants to know whether or not they are capable of doing HR works.


That’s all about employee relations specialist details; hopefully, it may help you who want to post a job vacancy about it.







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