ER Nurse Job Description: Be Ready for Any Situation

The Emergency Room Nurses will be responsible to help the doctors, especially in medical emergencies. This ER nurse job description will show you some responsibilities that they must do to assist the doctors. Thus, please follow this ER nurse job description for resume carefully!

Some Responsibilities in the ER Nurse Job Description

You have to recognize that the emergency room nurses have some important responsibilities to assist the doctors. What are they? Here are the responsibilities available for you.

  1. Be ready

The emergency room nurses must be ready to respond and also equipped. Actually, it is related to the deal with a medical emergency.

  1. Help the patients

The second responsibility of the emergency room nurses is to help the patients. It means that they help them with their needs quickly.

  1. Treat the injures

This ER nurse job description also tells that the emergency room nurses have to treat any injures. They are like critical injures, allergic reactions, and also trauma from the patients.

  1. Carry out the operations

In the next responsibility, the emergency room nurses should perform or carry out the medical operations. However, it is just minor medical operations because they only help the doctors.

  1. Clean any wounds

Furthermore, what must the emergency room nurses follow in doing the responsibility? In this case, they must help the patients to clean their wounds if they are injured. Completely, it can prevent any bacteria comes into the body.

  1. Manage the emergency room

After that, in this sixth duty of the emergency room nurses, they should manage and maintain that room care to be standards. Besides, it must also be comfortable to place by the patients.

  1. Make sure the efficiency

Here, it is a must for the emergency room nurses to make sure efficiency. It is especially the efficiency of the check-in process of the patients.


Some Requirements in the ER Nurse Job Description

If you have the desire to be an emergency room nurse, you must pay attention to the requirements below. Let’s see those requirements!



  1. Have some certifications

The first requirement of being an emergency room nurse is having some license certifications. They are like the certification of American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), and Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN). Besides, there is the other certification that is Crisis Prevention and Intervention (CPI).

  1. Have good skills

The second requirement that the emergency room nurses must fulfill is having good skills. It is especially good organizational skills to build a relationship with doctors, other nurses, and patients. It also includes excellent written and verbal communication.

  1. Work under pressure

This last requirement in the ER nurse job description shows that the emergency room nurses must be able to work under high pressure. It means that they must have a willingness to work every time and at any time.



What is an ER nurse?

An emergency room nurse is a care medical practitioner who will be responsible for helping the doctors in medical emergencies.


What are the duties of the emergency room nurses?

They have the responsibility to assist the doctors, treat patients with any injuries, and perform minor medical operations.


That is the resume of the ER nurse job description. Just learn it if you want to get that job!


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