Executive Chef Job Description for Kitchen Daily Operations 


The performance of an Executive Chef does not cook in the kitchen anymore. According to the Executive Chef job description, overseeing daily operations is the main responsibility. They work for a hotel, restaurant, until cruise ship kitchens. The Executive Chef job description sample will assist your comprehension to employ someone.

Detailed Responsibility Information on Executive Chef Job Description

The Executive Chef works by overseeing the daily kitchen operations, hiring staff, training, and ensuring a high-quality product. The worker with other names of Head Chef and Chef Manager must ensure the products are cost-effective. Anything it works both in hotels and restaurants, the job desk is keeping similar. The Executive Chef job description has recoded 9 responsibilities to complete the main duties such as below:

  1. Ensure the quality of dishes from the freshness and promptness.
  2. Coordinate cooks’ tasks.
  3. Implement hygiene policies for cleanliness by examining equipment.
  4. Design new recipes and then plan menus before selecting plate presentations.
  5. Review the level of the staff to meet operational, service, and financial objectives.
  6. Hiring kitchen staff and train it for food preparation workers, cooks, and dishwashers.
  7. Conduct administrative tasks, doing purchase orders, and taking stock supplies of equipment and food.
  8. Obtain feedback and handle customer complaints and problems on food and service quality.
  9. Sett and monitor the standards of performance of staff.

Detailed Information on Executive Chef Job Description Requirements

Well, 8 requirements are enough for applying for the Head Chef. You can see it properly in the Executive Chef job description below:

  • Undergo 2+ years of culinary education.
  • Provide 5+ years of experience in the Executive Chef.
  • Master advanced knowledge of practices and food profession principles.
  • God Human Resources Management knowledge.
  • Proficient knowledge of ordering, BOH systems, and inventory.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Willing to work on-call, on public holidays, shifts, over weekends, and after hours.

Well, those are detailed information on the Executive Chef job description to compliance. Big companies of restaurants, cruise ships, and hotels have applied it. Now, it becomes your right to follow this template and screening the most proficient Executive Chef. Remember the requirements for hiring people and responsibilities to undertake by the new manager. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is an Executive Chef?

An Executive Chef is the same as the Head Chef or Chef Manager with the main responsibility overseeing kitchen operations daily.

  • What are Chef Responsibilities of Head Chef?

The responsibilities include hiring staff because it is a manager that has this authority. Giving training and overseeing the staff to make sure the quality of the food. It also pertains to cost-effective products, and services.

  • What kind of the best Template for arranging a Job Description for Executive Chef?

Choose free-editing templates for entering those liabilities and requirements. Usually, each workplace has additional policy and regulation within organizing the Head Chef. Therefore, the function of free-editing assists to add it in the template without working from the earlier

  • What do you should do to hire an Executive Chef?

Utilize the requirements to make a job advertisement and select them to join the interview section. Test their ability to make sure their document is the same as ability.


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