Executive Pastor Job Description and 5 Interview Guides

An Executive Pastor’s job description outlines the responsibility within a church to achieve its mission and vision. This template guides how to lead as well as supervise church staff. Use this church Executive Pastor’s job description to know more and learn it. Feel free to adapt and customize it.

10 Executive Pastor Job Description Duties and Responsibilities in 2020

The definition of an Executive Pastor is a church staff overseeing several church operations. It includes finances, administration, strategic planning, and human resources. That oversight is to achieve its vision and mission. Meanwhile, the Executive Pastor itself leads while overseeing church staff like deacons, preachers, and elders.

Anyway, those responsibilities break into 10 duties in the following Executive Pastor job description:

  1. Oversee church operations.
  2. Leads, supervise, as well as having regular meetings along with the staff.
  3. Guide and improve interactions among the pastors, elders, senior pastor, deacons, and other staff members.
  4. Collaborate with elders that regard ministry administration and the senior pastor. The collaboration is to implement of the church mission and vision.
  5. Oversee the operation of human resources. It does by collaborating with dismiss staff, senior pastor to hire, transition, and reposition.
  6. Creating an annual budget.
  7. Supervise the operations of fundraising, financial, and budget.
  8. Assist staff with managing ministry budgets.
  9. Manage social media accounts and other kinds of communications.
  10. Create, implement and review the church procedures and policies. It is for ensuring the effectiveness of church operations.

11 Requirements on Executive Pastor Job Description 2020

According to the Executive Pastor’s job description, you can hire it using 11 requirements. It consists of:

  • It has evident Jesus Christ’s relationship.
  • Graduate from a master’s of Divinity degree.
  • The experience in relevant ministry is at least 5+ years.
  • Proficient with social media, FellowshipOne, MS Office Suites, and QuickBooks.
  • Spiritually mature.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills according to the Bible.
  • Outstanding organizational skills.
  • Strong people skills.
  • Team player.
  • Proficient multi-tasking skills.

Bonus: Executive Pastor Questions for Interview

There are 5 questions that you can ask the candidate during the interview test. You can start from:

  1. Ask about the religion whether a Christian or not.
  2. Knowing how to effectively resolve problematic staff members. Usually, they are gossipmongers, bullies, and liars?
  3. Ask about the proficiency within managing the church’s finances effectively.
  4. You should ask about the way to lead the team to handle the divisive congregation members.
  5. Lastly, ask about the effectiveness of using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to a church’s benefit.

Well, arrange your interview questions with your own language and add it if you feel necessary. The most important thing the executive pastor job description has explained all in detail. Feel free to undertake anything to gain a more specific job desk that is appropriate to your church. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is an Executive Pastor?

An Executive Pastor works in a church for overseeing the church operations. The overseeing includes several duties like leading the member staff and resolving some problems.

  • How do edit the Template?

This template still allows customizing because it is the standard duties and requirements. Meanwhile, each church has different policies, regulations, and necessary. Feel free to customize it.

  • How do interview the Executive Pastor Candidates?

Hold on 5 vital questions if you want to get new executive staff with professional skills.


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