Financial Advisor Job Description tells must have FINRA


A financial advisor job description outlines the liabilities that pertain to some interests.  It also reveals the requirements to be a financial advisor where the applicants must prior. Of course, they will know it when the company makes a job advertisement. It implies the financial advisor job description template must load the requirements.

Financial Advisor Job Description and 9 Requirements inside

The company is the first party legal to make and has the financial advisor job description. Before deciding to present the people for this profession, the employer must finish it first.  It implies you need an appropriate template. In this case, use a free-customizing template so that you easily customize the content and adapt to your necessary. What do the requirements to achieve this job? A financial advisor needs 9 requirements such as below:

  1. It needs some Bachelor’s degrees from finance, business, or others in the same field.
  2. Most companies ask for 2-3 years of experience in sales.
  3. One of the mandatory requirements is having the 7 Series of FINRA. Besides that, provide 63 Securities Registration (by the way, the series 65 or 66 more prefer).
  4. Hold life and a healthy license.
  5. Valid driver’s license.
  6. Good knowledge of insurance, mutual fund, and securities.
  7. Proficient in PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.
  8. Convenient to use a computer for various tasks.
  9. The candidate has quality financial advice experience.

10 Duties on Financial Advisor Job Description to work

The main content of the financial advisor job description is about the responsibilities to undertake. It turns out people who work in this position have 10 duties or responsibilities. This section will outline those liabilities but you should know some things. The financial advisor has a lot of synonyms. For example, it calls as a financial service advisor, personal financial advisor, investment adviser, financial planner, and financial adviser.

Those names come based on the workplace or fields. Exactly, the advisor works for the clients on taxes, retirement, mortgage, investment, insurance, college saving accounts, and estate planning. Turn back to the duties of the financial advisor and here are 10 responsibilities to obey:

  • Talk to the client to determine some things. It is about income, expenses, financial objectives, insurance coverage, tax status, and risk tolerance. Besides that, it develops a financial plan.
  • Give financial advice and response to the client’s question about strategies and financial plans.
  • Provide advising strategies for clients to achieve financial objectives. It is such as cash management, insurance coverage, investment planning, and other areas.
  • Review the client’s plans and accounts regularly. The purpose is to understand the situational concerns, life, economic changes, or financial performance.
  • Analyze the client’s financial data to meeting clients’ financial goals by developing strategies.
  • Prepare and interpret the summary of financial documents, income projections, and the investment performance reports for clients.
  • Refer clients to professionals or implement financial plans to help them.
  • Manage client portfolios while updating it.
  • Regularly contact clients to find changes within their financial status.
  • Build the client base and maintain it.

In conclusion, the financial advisor job description contains some duties and requirements. Finish your job description task with a supporting template design. After finishing all, you can apply for a job vacancy and explain what to do in the interview section. Good luck!


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