Freight Broker Job Description for Safety Good Shipment

A freight broker has a big service for the carriers and shippers. Therefore, employing someone for this profession needs the right freight broker job description? Complying with the freight broker job description for resume will be the early step to hire them. Complete it immediately along with the following liabilities and requirements.

Freight Broker Job Description with 10 Liabilities

As the liaison between carriers and the shippers, the freight broker often calls as the Freight Delivery Broker. The main liability is securing the transportation of goods from the location until the destination. It also must find the exact freight carrier to the pair customers. Besides that, it must undertake marketing to obtain new customers, line loading carrier up, and book order.

It turns out those responsibilities break into 10 duties according to the freight broker job description. It includes:

  1. Increase sales pipelines by generating leads and new prospects.
  2. Identify the right operators that have a good reputation on safety as the freight service.
  3. Provide various shipping quotes to the customers.
  4. Conduct a booking order along with the carrier.
  5. Assist carriers to prepare loads.
  6. Tracking load status.
  7. Collaborate with dispatchers, shippers, and carriers to manage drop-offs and the collections’ schedule.
  8. Storing accurate and relevant records of activities.
  9. Update shipments status and assist customers with other inquiries.
  10. Maintain current knowledge of the latest trend in the transportation marketplace.

9 Requirements on Freight Broker Job Description 2020

For your information, the freight broker job description informs on 9 requirements in 2020. All candidates must demonstrate it to pass the administration selection and continue in the interview section. The 9 requirements are:

  • GED, high school or suitable equivalent diploma.
  • The freight broker must have at least 2 years of work experience in a similar field.
  • Building a book of business.
  • Excellent to operate Microsoft Office Suites.
  • Strong problem-solving abilities.
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills.
  • Mesmerizing people skills.
  • Proficient negotiating skills.
  • Ability to meet sales targets.

Okay, that is a standard format of Freight Broker job description that is effective to use in 2020. Feel free to customize this job desk of freight delivery broker. Make the best for obtaining the best member. Good luck!


  • What is a Freight Broker?

Freight Broker is the same as Freight Delivery Broker. It performs for generating prospects from the seniors and new carriers’ prospects.

  • What do Freight Broker Obligation?

The Freight Brokers must ensure the safety of the shipment from the location to the destination. This way can achieve by matching the right carriers to the customers. However, the duties are still plenty until 10 points based on this job description.

  • How do Agents hire a Freight Broker?

The recruiting process can start from complying with the job description for the duties and qualifications. Do not use the old way to comply with the job desk from scratch although you work on PC. Quite download the online free-customize template and edit to adjust the content. The agents can use the standard rule like today but it will be better to customize to their needs.

  • What do Agents Should do in the Interview Section?

The interview section is the final place and time to know which one the best for your freight broker company. You can know their seriousness real to compare with what they write on the resume.

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