Fulfillment Associate Job Description Template For Employment

A fulfillment associate works to help to do basic warehouse tasks. He is the one who offloads merchandise truck, locates and stores stock, performs work orders, etc. The fulfillment associate job description will also include packing goods or products for shipment. A fulfillment associate tends to be junior in a warehouse place; he takes the responsibility to give the warehouse manager a warehouse report. You need to understand the fulfillment associate job description template to be a good fulfillment associate first.

Fulfillment Associate Job Description Information

We are looking for a hard-work fulfillment associate to handle all works of fulfillment associate job description in our company now. The candidate must have great knowledge and understanding of warehouse procedures. Plus, he must be physically strong so that he could lift and take heavy items with him.

Fulfillment Associate Job Description Responsibilities

Working as a fulfillment associate, you will have several responsibilities to do. They all will be related to the fulfillment associate job description, such as:

  • Offload merchandise delivery trucks into the warehouse
  • Follow the safety health and standard practices
  • Arrange incoming deliveries in proper areas
  • Read, decipher, and perform the work order and update the database
  • Do warehouse tasks with suitable equipment such as a forklift, pallet jacks, pickers, etc.
  • Load the packed products to the delivery trucks
  • Pack the items for delivery
  • Locate merchandise from shelves or storage
  • Inspect the goods for damage or flaws
  • Confirm the inventory receipt whether it matches the work order or not

Fulfillment Associate Job Qualifications

If you want to apply as a fulfillment associate in our company, you must meet the fulfillment associate job description qualifications, such as:

  • High school diploma, GED, or suitable equivalent
  • Experienced as a fulfillment before (min. 1 year)
  • Ability to read and perform work orders
  • Great knowledge and understanding of warehousing procedures
  • Valid forklift or cherry picker certificate
  • Physically fit
  • Pay attention to details
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Ability to lift heavy loads
  • Willing to work for up to 8 hours a day


Fulfillment Associate FAQ

What is a Fulfillment Associate?

A fulfillment associate must be the one with a great understanding of warehouse procedure as well as standard safety. One of his main works is to make sure the delivery merchandise suits the order information. He also becomes the one to lift heavy items, offload stock deliveries, and pack orders for shipment.


What Should You Include in a Fulfillment Associate Job Vacancy?

If you are going to post a fulfillment associate job vacancy, you must mention all referred requirements and qualifications. Make sure the applicant is fit and physically strong. Plus, let you write down the working time to inform the working hours to the applicants.


Do You Need to Interview Applicants for a Fulfillment Associate?

A fulfillment associate must be one that requires, performs, and does hard works. It is a must for him to understand the warehouse procedure. Plus, he should be able to operate a forklift to lift heavy loads. By having a direct interview, you may check whether or not the candidates could operate heavy equipment. Plus, you might also ask some questions related to warehouse tasks.


That’s all about a fulfillment associate; hopefully, it will be helpful info for you who need it for your template sample.


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