Graphic Designer Job Description for 8 Graphic Art Types

The graphic designer job description draws the liabilities, requirements, and the role in the world. Many companies include this job in their business structures. So, it becomes the reason why some people need to display a graphic designer job description sample. Of course, you are searching it adds the new member in your office, right?

Graphic Designer Job Description with 8 Liabilities

Graphic designer or graphic artist has a big role in numerous businesses. Most companies hire one employee to design their products or services. On the other hand, there is a specific agent that only special serving graphic design. It turns out this kind of job breaks into eight types. People may use this service for making a visual identity, marketing & advertising, user interface, and publication. There are also packaging, motion, environmental, and art& illustration.

In common, all types have similar responsibilities and requirements. The graphic designer job description has summarized it below:

  1. Learning relevant materials and information for planning concepts.
  2. Illustrating concepts through designing size, art arrangement, style, and type size. Afterward, submitting it for obtaining approval.
  3. Utilize the software and necessary equipment to prepare finished art.
  4. Coordinate as necessary with colleagues, web designer, marketing, outside agencies, art service, and printer.
  5. Accomplish tasks as necessary as the effort to contribute to the team.
  6. Communicate about design and layout with clients.
  7. Make a wide range of layout and graphics with software like Photoshop. This way is to create illustrations, websites, and company logos.
  8. Reviews of the final layout also suggest improvements.

9 Graphic Designer Job Description Qualifications

There are 9 qualifications to work as any graphic designer. According to the graphic designer job description:

  • Must graduate from Graphic Design Bachelor’s degree or the relevant.
  • Demonstrate the experience as a graphic designer or the relevant fields.
  • Proficiency in graphic design skills through a solid portfolio.
  • Ability to use desktop publishing tools like Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign Quark.
  • Solid skill in visual composition.
  • Ability to fulfill deadlines by having effective time management skills.
  • Open to receive and give constructive criticism.
  • Understand about website design, advertisements, marketing, multimedia design, product packaging, production, and corporate identity.
  • Good computer-aided design experience.

Usually, join an internship program is enough to prove the experience (for candidates). So, the fresh-graduate do not need to worry applying for the job is never work in any company officially. Well, that is detailed information on the graphic designer job description. Be a professional company that serves numerous designs along with the best graphic artist. Good luck!


  • What is Graphic Design?

Graphic designer or graphic artist works using visual compositions to generates a lot of products. Websites, magazines, logos, posters, and brochures are the product of graphic design.

  • How does Graphic Designer work?

It works using some tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign Quark to complete those products.

  • What does your Company do to hire a graphic designer?

You must create a job description and hold practical & interview tests. The job description will finish quickly as long as you use online free templates. Most of them are free-editing so you can work faster than before. Next, hold some tests to know their real abilities and skills. Quite call them who pass the administration selection.

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