Guidance Counselor Job Description for School and Academic

Each academic and school needs a counselor to guide the students properly. Therefore, they need to arrange a guidance counselor job description that manages about duties and qualifications. Indeed, handling many students with various behaviors also natures is not easy. Luckily, the academic or school counselor’s job description is ready to assist.

Guidance Counselor Job Description contains 11 Responsibilities

A Guidance Counselor works for an academic or school institution with a certification. It advises and assists and advice the students relate to personal and academic decisions. The primary duties are providing private counseling to students, and coordinate the student’s problem with fellow professionals. Guidance Counselors also assesses the students’ potential and ability. There are 11 extension responsibilities in this Guidance Counselor job description that consist of:

  1. The Guidance Counselor assists and advises students with vocational and academic development by giving individual and group counseling sessions.
  2. Assist to realize the students’ objectives by evaluating their attributes.
  3. Providing contemporary mentoring methods to increase and implement counseling strategies.
  4. Remedy the situation by acting appropriately after identifying behavioral problems.
  5. Ability to pay attention to all student issues through the differences in cultural and societal.
  6. Assess the student’s development to highlight the sense of accomplishment.
  7. The Guidance Counselor must analyze results, complete evaluations, and then giving purposeful feedback.
  8. Liaison with academic staff, parents, as well as external partners.
  9. Make a schedule and arrange internships and orientation programs.
  10. Advertise study programs and facilities for potential students.
  11. Facilitate and implement training as well as educational workshops for academic staff.

9 Guidance Counselor Job Description contains 9 Requirements

In this section, the Guidance Counselor job description presents 9 requirements as the latest development to meet. It consists of:

  • A Guidance Counselor is the graduation of Counseling in a bachelor’s degree or relevant (essential).
  • It has ever worked as a counselor in a school or academic environment for a minimum of two years.
  • The Guidance Counselor must become an analytical thinker with strong skills in conflict-resolution and problem-solving.
  • It has a motivational leader soul who displays attention to detail and sound judgment.
  • The Guidance Counselor has excellent skills of time-management to show detail-oriented.
  • Master verbal, written, and confident interpersonal skills fantastically.
  • Master skills in decision-making and perceptive intuition.
  • Remarkable solid work ethic and professionalism.
  • The Guidance Counselor masters Intermediate IT skills.

Well, that is detailed information on the Guidance Counselor job description 2020. If you hold an interview session asks about their effective listening, problem-solving, and organizational skills. Then, test their ability to accommodate students and resolve conflict. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is a Guidance Counselor?

A Guidance Counselor is an academic and or school institution staff that must possess a certificate to work. This staff works by advising and assisting students’ matters both personal and academic side.

  • How does the Guidance Counselor perform?

It works by providing two kinds of counseling to the students in the form of private and group. The Counselor also assesses and support potential students to improve their circumstance.

  • What focuses on Students?

The Guidance Counselor focuses on the students’ behavior or attitude to solve their problems. Thus, the student can improve their academic and life.



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