Hair Stylist Job Description 2020 as Hiring Guidance


Who does not care about their hair? The attendance of a hairstylist is very important for them so that it emerges a hairstylist job description.  Same as the common job desks, it discusses the liabilities and the requirements. Nonetheless, each agent, company, or organization wanting to employ must know more about the hairstylist job description resume.

Hair Stylist Job Description informs on 11 Responsibilities

Hair stylish includes one of the beauty service professionals that privilege handle hairs. It works for hair fashions and treatments. In reality, this profession has a lot of areas to work such as artists, government, and public. It can work under an agent or independently. The hairstylist can be in the form of women and men. It implies all genders may focus on this profession.

Anyway, the hairstylist job description shows 11 responsibilities to complete. It starts at:

  1. Give a consultation for the hairstyle options to the clients.
  2. Listen to client pretty you easily determine their preferences.
  3. The hairstylist must describe what it offers both the hair care products and the advantages.
  4. Highlight hair while cutting and coloring.
  5. Offering other services like facial, manicure, waxing, and pedicure.
  6. Perform scalp treatments
  7. Besides as sever, the hairstylist must act as a salesperson. Here, he/ she should sell their retail products to the clients.
  8. Make sure the client will return to visit the hair salon by building a personal relationship.
  9. Obeying the standards of salon cleanliness and safety.
  10. Manage bookings also welcome clients to the salon.
  11. Always update the latest trends of hairstyle and styling methods.

Hair Stylist Job Description with 9 Qualifications

Next, the hairstylist job description discusses the qualifications for the candidates who want to apply it. There are 9 requirements or qualifications to have by the applicants such as below:

  • Graduate from high school or it has completed GED.
  • It has a license from a cosmetology school.
  • The employee can show prior experience as a colorist or hairstylist.
  • The hairstylist masters wide techniques of styling and coloring.
  • Excellent using curlers, hot irons, and blow-dryers.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Good verbal communication.
  • Physical stamina.
  • Keep having a creative mindset as well as design.

Okay, that is detailed information on the hairstylist job description to use in 2020. It does not matter where you work always use this job desk to add a new employee. By the way, this template is effective giving the result although you just edit the content. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is Hairstylist?

It is a person both man and woman working specially for adorning the client’s hair. It can be in the form of treatment and styling based on demand.

  • What is the duty of a Hairstylist?

Their workspaces are events involving artists, government, until personal. The hairstylist work to treat the hair using the products and equipment. On the other hand, it must offer its products to purchase in retail.

  • How to customize the Template?

You will need it when you want to hire a new hairstylist with professional quality and ability. Do not use it entirely if you want to get the employee different and based on your desire. Luckily, this template is easy to customize and free. So, just do it!


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