Health Unit Coordinator Job Description for Healthcare Fields

Health Unit Coordinator job description helps to ensure the efficient operation of operation in a hospital. Besides that, it sets the administration of the clinic or doctor’s office. Each healthcare facility must have the Health Unit Coordinator job description template. Then, use it for your necessary and employs the best employee!

9 Latest Health Unit Coordinator Job Description Responsibilities 2020

Once more, the Health Unit Coordinator ensures administrative operations efficiently for some healthcare facilities. The role is extremely essential in the clinic, physician’s office, as well as a hospital. It turns out it has another name as a Ward Clerk or Unit Secretary. Resolving patient complaints, planning patient activities, until updating medical files are the main responsibilities. So, there are three main liabilities for this profession. On the other hand, the Health Unit Coordinator job description outlines 9 duties:

  1. It must welcome patients as well as check-in new patients. Besides that, the Health Unit Coordinator is in charge to answer phone calls.
  2. The Health Unit Coordinator guarantees smooth operations by building communication with some parties. It is not only with patients but also with medical staff, families, and caregivers.
  3. The planning activities for the patients include planning the procedures
  4. It has a responsibility to order the hospital’s supplies, medical equipment, and infrastructure.
  5. Then, the Health Unit Coordinator also assists patients by informing them of the hospital procedures. Then, help them to fill the essential hospital forms.
  6. Gather review to assist improve functionality while resolving all patient complaints.
  7. Maintain as well as updated medical records of the patient.
  8. The Health Unit Coordinator will work with employees both medical and non-medical.
  9. It has to train new employees about the hospital processes.

Health Unit Coordinator Job Description shows 6 Requirements

Well, there are 6 requirements to meet based on the Health Unit Coordinator job description. It turns out the educational background is not high. Okay, check it alone:

  • A high school diploma or using other relevant qualifications is an important educational background.
  • The Health Unit Coordinator must possess a minimum of 2 years’ experience to work in a similar field.
  • The healthcare facilities prefer the candidate that has a certificate. The Certificate shows they have passed a Health Unit Coordinator training program.
  • Excellent understanding of medical terminology, as well as procedures, includes the essential qualification.
  • The abilities of Health Unit Coordination on organizational and multi-tasking are fantastic.
  • Willing to be a team player with stunning skills in interpersonal and communication.

Your knowledge to hire a new Health Unit Coordinator has been perfect and ready to launch. Save this Health Unit Coordinator job description. Use it to arrange an open job advertisement and others. Good luck!


  • What is the synonym of the Health Unit Coordinator?

The Health Unit Coordinator has a big responsibility in several health care units like the doctor’s office, clinic, and hospital. The worker that has three main liabilities has some names like Unit Secretary and Ward Clerk.

  • Mention 3 Chief Liabilities of the Health Unit Coordinator?

Planning patient’s activities including the process, overcome their complaints, and updating medical files are the main duties.

  • Do you know the high school diploma has a chance to take this position?

It turns out the educational background is quite from the high school graduation or equivalent.


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