Housekeeper Job Description: Know More the Duties Must Do


You have to recognize that housekeepers will handle places in order to be clean. They can be home, office, hotel, and hospital. So, the housekeeping duties list is like cleaning rooms, halls, bathrooms, sweeping, mopping, replacing bedding, and others. You can find the other ones in this housekeeper job description.

The Responsibilities of Housekeeper Job Description

A housekeeper has some main responsibilities to do the job. What are they? Here are the responsibilities.

  1. Keep clean

The first duty of a housekeeper is to keep all of the things clean and maintained. It includes the facilities that are available and also the areas.

  1. Clean the floors

Then, housekeepers must clean the floors of a room. They can do it by sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming the floors every day.

  1. Clean up the spills

What about the next responsibility of housekeepers in this housekeeper job description? Actually, they have to clean up any spills in a certain room by using suitable equipment. So, it will always look clean and comfortable to place.

  1. Inform the managers

In this duty, housekeepers should give information to the managers about the rooms and buildings. In fact, it is about repairing something if it is necessary to do it.

  1. Clean the furniture

Furthermore, the other responsibility of housekeepers is cleaning the furniture that is available in a certain room. For the furniture, it can be a cupboard, table, chair, sofa, and others. The housekeepers must clean them properly.

  1. Collect the trash

Please remember that the housekeepers have to think about the trashes that are in and out of the room! They must collect any trash and dispose of them in the dustbin. So, the room and area will be really clean and neat.

The Requirements in the Housekeeper Job Description

If you want to be a housekeeper, you must have some requirements below. So, let’s check them out one by one!

  1. Manage time

The first needed requirement of housekeepers is that they must have the ability to manage their time efficiently. They should be able to use their time in doing their job well.

  1. Be a hard worker

Then, housekeepers must do their work hard and fast so that it will finish soon and on time. In this case, don’t feel tired easily in doing the job!

  1. Handle basic cleaning

You need to know that housekeepers must be able to handle their work well. It means that basic maintenance and cleaning.

  1. Get a high school diploma

In the housekeeper job description, the qualification to work as a housekeeper is at least a high school diploma.

  1. Have good interaction

Last, the housekeepers must have the ability to show a professional appearance and also have a positive and nice interaction with the guests.


  1. What is the definition of a housekeeper?

Actually, a housekeeper is a person who has a duty to clean a certain building, office, hotel, and others. He or she must keep the area and furniture clean.

  1. What are the responsibilities of a housekeeper?

The housekeepers must sweep and mop the floors, clean the furniture, throw the rubbish, and others. They do that in order to get a clean place.

It is a reference for housekeeper job description. Get a better understanding of it!


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