HR Manager Job Description for Hiring without hassle

If a company has a director of Human resources so it is possible to have an HR manager. HR manager job description completes your plan to recruit this worker. Look and learn the template of the day discussing it in detail. By the way, you are in the right place of the HR manager job description sample.

HR Manager Job Description brings 13 Liabilities to comply with

The responsibility of the Manager of Human Resources is at the medium level. It implies the position is under the HR Director and above the common Human Resources position. Anyway, the HR Manager job description of the day carries 13 responsibilities to learn and apply for. Well, let’s check it:

  1. Recruit excellent staff consistently.
  2. Maintain the onboarding process smoothly.
  3. Providing staff with training, coaching, and counseling.
  4. Settle conflicts through professional and positive mediation.
  5. Undertake necessary administrative duties.
  6. Conduct wage and performance reviews.
  7. Develop and measuring clear policy awareness.
  8. Create brief and concise reports.
  9. Providing helpful and attractive presentations.
  10. Maintain and report on the compliance of workplace safety and health.
  11. Handle termination procedures, disciplinary, and workplace investigation.
  12. Keep the privacy of both the workplace and the employee.
  13. Leading the junior team of human resource managers.

HR Manager Job Description carries 10 Essential Requirements

According to the HR Manager job description on this page, the candidate may apply for it using 13 requirements. It is such as:

  • Submit the diploma of Human resources bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • It needs the work experience as human resources or the relevant field.
  • Easy to build a positive relationship and maintain it with colleagues.
  • Besides working experience, it needs coaching and educating staff experience.
  • It has the experience to resolve conflicts, investigate workplace and disciplinary processes.
  • It has experience in maintaining and following workplace privacy.
  • Proficient to give presentations.
  • Mastering Knowledge of relevant safety and health laws.
  • Familiarity and proficient to operate PC for various duties.
  • Excellent competency in Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook.

HR Manager job description reveals the real position, responsibilities, and requirements. Feel free to modify this template for adding your goal without hassle. This free-features template makes you work more effectively and lighter. Thank you for reading the information on the job description of the HR Manager. Do not forget to hire based on the size of your organization. Good luck!


  • What is the Definition of an HR Manager?

HR Manager is the employee that exists in a mid-level to a senior position. However, it is according to the number of employees and the organization size. On the other hand, it works by supervising the company/ organization through several responsibilities. It is such as the hiring process including interviewing.

  • What are the Liabilities of the HR Manager?

The HR Manager is in charge of the company depending on the organization’s policies and regulations. It is possible to responsible for an organization unit, organization or entire HR function. Besides that, it connects to between the executive and employees. Build a brand for an employer, build strategic talent resources plans, and improve employee engagement.

  • What is the right Template for complying with the Job Desk?

In 2020, flexible template design that online free, and free-customizable is the best choice for you. It works maximally without wasting a lot of energy.

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