Information Technology Manager Job Description to update

In this digital era, who does not need an Information Technology Manager job description? Almost all business lines apply for the IT system so they must employ an IT Manager and Engineer. Know more about Information Technology Manager job description template. Then, say you are ready to welcome a new IT Manager.

10 Information Technology Manager Job Description 2020 Responsibilities

The IT Manager is the same as the Information Systems Manager or IT Supervisor where it has three main duties. This manager responds to oversight, implementation, and maintenance.  Meanwhile, the object of those responsibilities is of the company’s computing to fulfill the needs. On the other hand, it works for ensuring the secure and effective of all computer-systems operation. It is such as software, applications, and hardware that the company utilizes.

Could you understand it properly? You do not need to worry if you still get difficulty to perceive it now. After this, you will not experience it again because this Information Technology Manager job description makes everything easier. For further information, here are 10 IT Manager responsibilities:

  1. Manage IT-staff thoroughly from recruiting until monitoring performance. It implies the manager will train employees as well as communicate the job expectations.
  2. Supervise the annual IT budget as well as ensure cost-effectiveness.
  3. Monitor daily operations such as operating systems, software, and hardware.
  4. Upgrade, maintenance, and coordinate technology installations.
  5. Select, purchase, even replace when necessary with hardware and software.
  6. Test information systems, modify and troubleshoot them so that the systems operate effectively.
  7. Make reports of operating systems performance.
  8. Assure all IT activities undertake under the parameters of applicable regulations, laws, and codes.
  9. Evaluate technology risks to improve backup procedures and a network disaster recovery plan.
  10. Remain upgrading with industry best practices and advances in technology.

10 Requirements on Information Technology Manager Job Description

In this section, the Information Technology Manager Job Description appears 10 requirements such as below:

  • The educational background is a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, information technology, or similar roles.
  • Exceptional experience within managing IT services and infrastructure.
  • Credible experience with network installation, computer networks, and network administration.
  • Proficient in IT security, cabling support& installation, and computer hardware. Even, it should proficient in the wireless technology interface and applications.
  • The ability on Microsoft Windows is proficient including Exchange, Server, and Office.
  • Ability to utilize leadership and management skills.
  • Demonstrate time-management and multi-tasking skills for prioritizing tasks.
  • Extremely detail-oriented and organized.
  • Brilliant analytical as well as problem-solving skills.
  • The IT Manager must run flexible working hours.

Okay, that is a detailed Information Technology Manager job description with 10 duties and 10 requirements. You should know what to do because you will hire a new IT Supervisor. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is an Information Technology Manager?

An Information Technology Manager is the IT system professional that is popular as an Information Systems Manager and IT Supervisor.

  • How does Information Technology Manager work?

The responsibilities of an IT Manager are supervision, maintenance, and implementation. Those duties are for meeting the company’s computing needs.

  • Could you add any Responsibilities for the Information Technology Manager?

Generally, the company adds one or more duties. You may undertake it pretty they ensure all computer operations safe and effective. It pertains to the hardware, systems, applications, and software.



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