IT Technician Job Description differs from Computer Engineer

The IT technician job description draws about the liabilities and requirements for the recruiting plan. The employee works to ensure the smooth running of a computer system. It sounds similar to a computer engineer. Let’s find out whether the IT technician job description template is the same as the computer engineer or not!

IT Technician Job Description that is different from the Computer Engineering Job Desk

Both have a few similarities, indeed but it does not mean those terms are the same. The IT technician job description just focuses on the computer system of hardware and software. Meanwhile, the computer engineer has an extender job description. Even, it combines computer science and electrical engineering. By the way, this page has discussed computer engineering and you can open it later on.

Now, you should understand the job desk of IT technician pretty you do not wrong opening job vacancy. The employee will work from diagnosing hardware and software. Afterward, it goes on repairing issues and maintains the computer system (hardware and software). On the other hand, it is in charge of configuring and installing the system. Even, the presence in the company will support IT by becoming the primary point of contact. Those duties break into plenty such as below:

  1. Ensure the usability of hardware and software components by installing and configuring them.
  2. Troubleshoot issues on software and hardware.
  3. Ensure the standards of electrical safety meet.
  4. Repair damaged hardware or replace it if it does not use again.
  5. Manage technical documentation.
  6. Undertake daily backup operations.
  7. Enable compatible software for all computers by upgrading the entire system
  8. Make sure all user-level can use the computer safely by installing anti-virus software. Always upgrade it periodically.
  9. Conduct tests as well as evaluations on new computer hardware and software.
  10. Encourage users to become the first point of contact to report an error.
  11. The IT technician must establish good relationships with colleagues and all departments.

IT Job Description clarifies the Requirements on 8 Preparations

Well, it is extremely clear between the IT technician and the engineering of the computer. Next, the IT technician job description wants to inform of the qualifications. Here are 8 preparations to apply for the job:

  • It keeps needing Computer Science or equivalent field in the bachelor’s degree to become an IT technician.
  • More than 2 years of work experience in computer systems and network maintenance.
  • It has accreditations advantageous like Linux+, A+, or Cisco Certified Network Associate.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Proficient in software installation and database programming.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Good problem-solving skills.

It is so clear IT technician is different from computer engineering. Follow this IT technician job description to hire the right employee to support your company. Good luck!


  • What is the definition of an IT Technician?

It is an employee working for repairing and maintaining the computer system of hardware and software. Diagnosing, installing, and configuring components include the responsibilities.

  • Is it the same as a Computer Engineer?

IT technician is different from the computer engineer where it just focuses on the system. Meanwhile, the computer engineer has more complex work and applies to electrical engineering.

  • Is there any specific Requirement to fulfill?

The candidate should have one of Linux+, A+, or Cisco Certified Network Associate accreditations.

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