Leasing Agent Job Description screens the Best Applicant 

A Leasing Agent is not the name of an organization but it an employee. The Leasing Agent job description outlines the duties during helping the clients marketing their properties. It turns out this employee can move as the representation of the property owner. So, what are Leasing Agent job responsibilities and requirements?

Leasing Agent Job Description Sample for Responsibilities

Take everything you need for your Leasing Agent job description here! Everything you take, it is very meaningful for your plan to find the best Leasing Agent. If you have found them the template eases to explain what they will do. In common, this profession works for prospecting tenants to lease the clients’ properties. They can walk alone as the representative or just meet the owner and the tenants. Meanwhile, the properties can be in the form of real estate, apartments, and so on.

It needs 10 duties to complete their responsibilities and you may utilize them below:

  1. Quickly record and update detailed information on the landlords, tenants, and the prospective.
  2. Examine and inform on the properties’ issues to the maintenance staff.
  3. Undertake some marketing activities like conducting property tours and advertising available properties.
  4. Conduct prospective tenants screening to ensure they have eligibility requirements.
  5. Complete the lease application as well as help to verify the application information.
  6. Inform on the result of the prospective tenants.
  7. Inspect properties when the tenants vacate and take the chance.
  8. Cooperate with tenants to get information and overcome their concerns and complaints.
  9. Effectively store and maintain documentation.
  10. Receive security deposits, payments of the rent, other applicable fees.

Leasing Agent Job Description for Requirements

How to screen people to get the best Leasing Agent knows the requirements. When you know and understand it, you can advertise a job vacancy soon. Such as you know, the requirements always include inside. There are 8 requirements on the Leasing Agent job description such as below:

  • GED, high school diploma, and other alternatives fields.
  • At least, 3 years of work experience or more as the Leasing Agent or similar position.
  • Outstanding knowledge of property management principles, the real estate industry, and relevant legislation.
  • It has reliable transport and valid driver’s license.
  • Outstanding communication skills in verbal and non-verbal (written).
  • The skills of negotiation and problem-solving are brilliant.
  • Strong people skills.
  • Work for extended hours.

Leasing Agent job description here is legal and everyone may use it for advertising job vacancy directly. On the other hand, it allows everyone to modifies the format to gain their goals within a recruiting employee. Good luck!


  • What is a Leasing Agent?

Leasing Agent is a professional worker specialist helping landlord of property finding the prospective tenants. Even, it will look for the prospective tenants and encourage them to rent the property. Sometimes, it works as the property owner representative directly during undertaking a transaction.

  • How does the Leasing Agent Perform?

The performance includes marketing properties. Screen the prospective tenants until preparing lease documents are the responsibilities.

  • Why do you should choose this Template?

This template works based on the recent regulation and policy so that this document is official. You can use it directly to find prospective applicants. If you want to customize it, you will not get fine or regard it as a violator.


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