Longshoreman Job Description and its FAQ

A longshoreman usually works in harbors where they will load and unload the cargo to and from vessels. Therefore, they have a crucial role in the company. They also will monitor and maintain the various mechanical parts of conveyor belts, diesel pushes, and other repairing equipment. Therefore, creating a longshoreman job description is not easy to get the best candidate for this job.

The longshoreman job description template idea

Looking for this longshoreman should be careful because they have a crucial role in their job. You have to recruit a hardworking, safety-minded longshoreman to help the dockyard team with the loading and unloading of the cargo. As a longshoreman, they will inspect the containers for possible damage and follow the signals in the job.

Besides, the longshoreman also will follow the instruction to make sure that the cargo is loaded and unloaded proficiency. Moreover, applying the understanding of handling the different types of cargo to do their duties prudently are also other responsible for a longshoreman.

To succeed in longshoreman, you need to perform the duties swiftly and efficiently to minimize the time vessels are docked in the harbor and it is costly. A top candidate for this job is team players and fast-paced to work.

The responsibilities of the longshoreman 

To be a longshoreman, you need to know some responsibilities to do. Some longshoreman job description responsibilities are:

  • Present and participate in safety meetings and training
  • Make sure that the work areas are clean, clear, and tidy of debris and other barriers
  • Following the vessel loading plans and instructions
  • Operate effectively bulk material to handle the equipment like cranes, winches, and hoists
  • Make sure that compliance with all applicable government regulations is secured well
  • Steadily keeping awareness of surrounding and potential safety hazard
  • Capable to operate the chainsaws, forklifts, cranes, tractors, and trailers
  • Make sure that the cargo is safely secured on vessels
  • Notify supervisor of damage or unsafe cargo and any other concerns that can cause the illness, injury, or property damage

The requirements of the longshoreman 

You also need to fulfill some requirements if you want to be a longshoreman. Some longshoreman job description requirements are:

  • Previous dock or warehouse experience in the transportation industry
  • Expert with operating tractors, forklifts, and cranes
  • Completion of physical examination
  • Capable to speak, write and read basic English
  • Capable to work with minimal supervision and follow the instruction and procedures
  • Capable to standby duty and work to shifts over weekends and on public holidays
  • Basic math skills and capable to work in adverse weather conditions

The longshoreman FAQ

How is the schedule for a longshoreman?

Suitable with the longshoreman job description idea, the longshoreman will perform for steady hours on the job. This type of position will require you to be physically fit and comfortable lifting and moving heavy objects frequently.

What are the typical employers for a longshoreman job description?

A longshoreman usually will work at commercial harbors, docks, and ports so that you will work in tandem with warehouses and other private companies. The longshoreman job description also should show the worker is loaded and unloaded promptly.

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