Magazine Editor Job Description for Content Management

The Internet does not defeat the existence of the magazine yet. It proves by the demand of a Magazine Editor job description up to now and they have been an evolution to chase the customers. Well, let know how the duties and responsibilities do whether any difference or not? Upgrade your knowledge and insight through this Journal Editor job description template.

Magazine Editor Job Description and 13 Responsibilities

The Magazine Editor itself is a communication specialist in a redaction that has some main responsibilities. It plans the magazine to produce and manage before reading by the readers. It makes effective tasks’ delegation for the production process management. Then, it manages writers, creates editorial calendars, edits contents, and develops story ideas. For more information, look at the following Magazine Editor job description explanation:

  1. Assisting with writing staff by generating story ideas.
  2. Manage writing staff including freelance content producers.
  3. Pass the content and appearance approval as well as the article feature layout.
  4. Supervise vital elements to use in a publication such as design, artwork, and photography.
  5. Meet with artists and writers to discuss artwork, features, and layouts.
  6. Obey to industry regulations and media law.
  7. Send regular briefs for discussing deadlines, style of writing, and fees to writers.
  8. Make a network at industry events.
  9. Determine article commission from the freelance content producers and writing staff.
  10. It is in charge to meet publication standards by editing, rewriting articles and proofreading.
  11. Willing to attend photo-shoots.
  12. Active to raise the publication profile.
  13. Assist all staff to work and meet deadlines.

12 Qualifications on Magazine Editor Job Description

Nowadays, the magazine appears in two forms online and print-out. Of course, it adds the duties and requirements of the editor and all staff. Nonetheless, it is not difficult to undertake and the Magazine Editor job description will explain the 12 qualifications for the meeting:

  • Pay attention, please! It is important to have a bachelor’s degree in Communications, Journalism, or equivalent for a Magazine Editor.
  • The working experience as a Magazine Editor has reached 3 years.
  • Generate relevant content and get audience target as proof of the experience.
  • Editing, writing, and interpersonal skills must be brilliant.
  • The Magazine Editor must nurture long-term relationships with the main publication influencers.
  • It also becomes an analytical thinker by utilizing research and conceptual skills.
  • The CMS (Content Management Systems) understanding is excellent.
  • Demonstrate a natural leader to displays attention to detail and strong decision-making.
  • The Magazine Editor must work by deadlines and under pressure.
  • Show the ability to work individually and within a team.
  • The Magazine Editor has fantastic negotiation skills.
  • Ability to influence target audiences as well as understand.

Up to know, plenty of people still attract to work as a Magazine Editor although the job adv. sounds rare. This position gives a current challenge during working because they work by passion. Well, utilize this Magazine Editor job description. Good luck!


  • What is a Magazine Editor?

Magazine Editor calls the worker as a communication specialist that manages the magazine from planning until production.

  • What are Magazine Editor Duties?

It is in charge to give up-to-date content to the readers that satisfy them. Therefore, it works by creating editorial calendars as well as developing story ideas. It also manages writers and the process of productions. In this case, the Magazine Editor can delegate tasks effectively. However, it also edits content such as the name of the position.

  • What are Magazine Editor Educational Backgrounds?

It needs a bachelor’s degree in Journalism or Communication.



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