Mail Handler Job Description for Welcome New Staff

Electronic mail or email might become the latest trend with the most users in the world. But, it does not mean the mail handler assistant job description is nothing. There some things cannot undertake by email address and must use post service. Well, let’s know more about the mail handler assistant job description template.

Mail Handler Assistant Job Description and the 7 Responsibilities

The mail handler assistant job description in 2020 brings 7 responsibilities to meet by each staff or the assistant. It consists of:

  1. Load and unload trucks.
  2. Sort as well as cancel mail using relevant machinery.
  3. Prepare huge batches of mail for distribution.
  4. Distribute mail to various operators.
  5. Ability to operate a copy machine and other office tools.
  6. Make the work areas always neat and clean.
  7. Make occasional deliveries.

According to the seven responsibilities above, the mail handler assistant undertakes a lot of things. Thus, a mail handler assistant must have a strong and fit physic. On the other hand, they must be familiar to operate canceling machines and forklifts as the relevant machinery.

Mail Handler Assistant Job Description Requirements

Well, there are only 4 requirements on this mail handler assistant job description. You can see it below:

  • Excellent health and physical fitness.
  • Any relevant examinations.
  • Work night shifts as well as weekends.
  • Must be drug-free.

Bonus: 5 Interview Questions to Hire a Mail Handler Assistant!

The responsibilities of the mail handler assistant are medium or between heavy and easy. Even, the requirements to apply for the assistant of mail handler are so easy. It implies you will have numerous applicants later on and must select it from the administration completion. However, it will be difficult because all people can submit it in a piece of cake. Do not worry you still have one section to screen them. Utilize your interview section to acquire their real character, attitude, behavior, skill, and ability. It is also the best time to prove what they bring on your desk.

So, use these 5 queries to know the truth of their application document:

  1. Ask about what they do to keep physically fit and active.  It should answer by undertaking tests physicality.
  2. Secondly, ask about the most vital quality that the mail handler assistant must-have. It should be the answer is demonstrating experience and insight.
  3. Then, ask about how they check their job and it is already correct. They should answer by showing attention to the level of commitment in detail.
  4. Next, find out what they like about this position. They can say to show experience and involvement level.
  5. Lastly, ask about the last time driving a forklift. Let them answer test skills and experience.

Well, those are detailed information on duties, requirements, and the interview test for the candidates. Finish your mail handler assistant job description according to this template and welcome a new staff member. Thank you for reading. Remember for sharing it with it. Good luck!


What is a Mail Handler Assistant?

A mail handler assistant, of course, works for assisting the mail handler. It works by sorting and canceling mails, lifting heavy items, until operating relevant machinery.

How does the Mail Handler Assistant Performs?

It performs many things to fulfill the seven duties of daily operations. At least, the mail handler assistant should be familiar to operate forklift and a copy machine.

How do you select the Applicants?

Use 5 questions to know the real ability and skills in the interview section. These inquiries are effective to get them.


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