Marketing Manager Job Description to work by duty

The marketing manager job description responds to a lot of questions from many people. Some candidates are also curious about this position whether to undertake offering products or not. You might have just lost one of your lovely Managers of marketing. Hire it again along with the marketing manager job description template.

Marketing Manager Job Description on 15 + Responsibilities

The marketing manager has uncertain duties where the job desk is according to each company. Some of them must handle all lines of the business operation. On the contrary, some of them just hand one product and focus to generate profit for the company. This marketing manager job description has gathered the responsibilities in 16 points:

  1. Using customer satisfaction to develop price, maximize profit, and the strategy of market share.
  2. Identifying new customers.
  3. Encourage sales while leading to generation efforts.
  4. Create promotions along with the advertising managers.
  5. Understand budgets to develop it. The budgets include expenditures, profit-loss projections, research and development allocations, and return-on-investment.
  6. Organizing lists to describe your business offerings.
  7. Develop advertising campaigns while managing it.
  8. Hold company conferences, major events, and trade shows.
  9. Building position and awareness of the brand to the customers.
  10. Evaluate for maintaining the marketing strategy.
  11. Plan, coordinate, and direct to marketing efforts.
  12. Communicate the marketing plan.
  13. Evaluating competitors.
  14. Increase the marketing campaign from scratch to the end.
  15. Observe demand for the services and products of the organization.
  16. Proficient to handle content marketing, public relations efforts, and social media.

Recent Requirements according to the latest Marketing Manager Job Description

Realize that it is the recent marketing manager job description. The information is, of course, the most upgrade in 2020. Such as you see, 16 duties of the manager of marketing are so complete until organizing the lower marketing position. Although the responsibilities are extremely complex, you can see the requirements are just a few:

  • Graduate from a master’s degree or bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing.
  • Ever made a marketing plan, marketing campaign, marketing strategy as proof of working experience.
  • Other experiences pertain to online marketing like content marketing and social media advertisements.
  • Understand public relations.
  • Demonstrate advanced communication skills.
  • Ability to adapt to change quickly.

Well, that is detailed information on the marketing manager job description for 2020 recruitment. Feel free for doing anything including saving, modifying, and printing. Good luck!


  • What is a Marketing Manager?

A marketing manager works in the marketing department to control all market research and study. It also controls the promotional products and the company. The manager that works for small business is just responsible for the internal team. It will ask for the team to focus on making the customers sure about the services and products.

  • What Marketing Manager Perform?

It works for overseeing the many things depending on the business. The manager may manage the promotion of brands/ products, services, and business. On the other hand, it is possible to handle all lines of services, products, or just focus on one thing. In charge of the marketing assistants’ staff is also possible.

  • What is a Product Manager?

The marketing manager becomes a product manager when it just focuses on the promotion of one product, service, or brand.

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