Medical Coder Job Description: Meet your Candidate Quickly

Medical Coder job description draws the responsibilities of changing patient information into a code. It does as the form of a confidentiality system between the healthcare facilities and the health insurance. The Medical Coder job description workable as well as explains what is the right qualification working here? Let’ do it!

Medical Coder Job Description with 10 Responsibilities to complete

Once again, a Medical Coder works for changing patient’s information into standard codes in a healthcare facility. The function of the code is to make documentation on a database for claiming healthcare insurance. It implies the Medical Coder assists the practitioners to accept reimbursement from the insurance agency.

By the way, those all include in 10 responsibilities that pour within the Medical Coder job description. It consists of:

  1. Extract the records of the relevant patient information
  2. Clarify information by liaising with doctors and other parties.
  3. Examine documents for finding the missing information.
  4. Assign the codes of ASA, CPT, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS.
  5. Assign the codes of APC and DRG.
  6. Make sure the document has excellent grammatically correct and there are no typing errors.
  7. Perform chart audits.
  8. Train staff and physicians on medical coding while advising them.
  9. Inform the oversight of issues using computer programs and equipment.
  10. Ensure compliance with the guidelines and policies of medical coding.

Medical Coder Job Description carries 8 Official Requirements

Same as the other job descriptions, this template as well as brings the requirements to learn. According to the Medical Coder job description, a healthcare company can submit 8 qualifications to hire the coder. It includes:

  • Graduate from GED, high school diploma, and or suitable equivalent.
  • Work as a Medical Coder before at least in 2 years.
  • It has an AACP certification (American Academy of Professional Coders).
  • Extremely proficient computer skills.
  • The communication skill of non-verbal and verbal must excellent.
  • Strong people skills.
  • Outstanding organizational skills.
  • Maintain confidentiality of information.

Bonus: Tips to catch a Medical Coder Career

Well, it is a bonus for the candidate who wants to serious running this profession. Tips to get this profession to start from ensuring that you have covered the basics. Then, enroll in an appropriate academic program, complete it, and achieve AACP certification.

Okay, that is detailed information on the Medical Coder job description as well as the bonus. Anyone who reads this article must pay attention to the content seriously. It does not matter you are the healthcare facility staff or the candidate.  Anyway, numerous healthcare facilities employ more than one Medical Coder. So, do not throw this chance. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is a Medical Coder?

A Medical Coder works in any healthcare facility to change the patient information in the form of standard codes. Next, it saves in the database and uses for getting reimbursement from the health insurance agency.

  • What is the Responsibility of a Medical Coder?

Assist practitioners to get healthcare insurance reimbursement. This responsibility breaks into some steps to convert the codes from the patient’s information.

  • Who hires a Medical Coder?

A lot of healthcare facilities employ more than one Medical Coder. It includes doctor’s offices, sports medicine offices, nursing homes, mental health facilities, and clinics. Besides that, urgent and semi-urgent care facilities and inpatient and outpatient facilities also employ it.



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