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Breaking down your lesson plan template to a monthly lesson plan is fully necessary when planning for the full semester or year is hard. This way, you will get the benefits of applying the idea. Those are the shorter lesson plan that leads you to effectively handle the classroom and the fact that you won’t miss out any important details.

Hence, we are coming to share with you not only the ready-made lesson plan you can simply download and instantly use but also the steps to create an effective monthly lesson plan. Let’s check out the review in the following sections.

Steps on How to Create Your Own Monthly Lesson Plan

There are six steps you can follow to create an effective monthly lesson plan. Firstly, set out the learning objectives. Second, choose some exciting topics to make the learning activities fun and enjoyable. Third, recognize your students and their learning style. Forth, determine the teaching methods you are going to use to make the materials understandable for the students. Next, outline the materials required in the month of the lesson plan. And last, make an assessment and evaluation for both yourself and your students.

Monthly Lesson Plan Samples

These times, we are providing you with a large number of monthly lesson plans to look at, thus, you can find one lesson plan that may be suitable for what you are looking for.

Monthly Lesson Plan Template

The monthly lesson plan template is professionally designed to enable you to create a good plan for a specific month so that the learning activities run smoothly without too much effort. This lesson plan can be downloaded in PDF file format along with 366KB size only. Make sure your device is already compatible with PDF file format to let you easily download the template.

Simple Monthly Lesson Plan Template

The simple monthly lesson plan template is designed to provide you with the monthly timetable for all the lessons you teach in the class. It comes with a blank format to allow you to fill in your lesson plans based on your information details.  

This simple lesson plan template can be downloaded easily in PDF file format with 184KB size only. See also other monthly lesson plan template samples we added to this article in the next section so that you can have more inspiration about the monthly lesson plan.

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