Mystery Shopper Job Description for working with Pleasure 

Some industries employ a Mystery Shopper or secret shopper to detect the development of the products. The Mystery Shopper job description explains why it pretends to be a usual customer or buyer. However, the duties are more than that because it does for a specific mission. Well, know the real Mystery Shopper job responsibilities and qualifications to employ it.

Mystery Shopper Job Description to undertake its duties as the Secret Shopper

The Mystery Shopper will work based on where the company assigns it. He or she will purchase the products that come from the company in the stores of the environment. The purposes are to gauge product quality and customer service. After that, the shopper will report it to the company without knowing by the stores and other customers.

This duty sounds easy to undertake and seemly many people will attract to apply for the Secret Shopper. Although it looks easy, the Mystery Shopper job description keeps outlining them in 10 exiting liabilities:

  1. Travel to some store locations around the assignment environment.
  2. Pose as a regular buyer while remaining discreet.
  3. Gauge customer service in-person by interacting with employees via telephone.
  4. Detect possible issues and improve areas by inspecting the store’s environment.
  5. Purchas specific items randomly to assess product quality.
  6. Prepare receipts for later reimbursement and as purchase evidence.
  7. Complete a written report about the shopping experience in detail each time visiting the store. Afterward, the Mystery Shopper must submit it.
  8. Disclose competing for interest like loyalty to or dislike toward particular products or stores.
  9. It must ensure success in logging hours.
  10. Keep copies after completing assignments.

Mystery Shopper Job Description to meet 7 Requirements

Besides informing on the duties, the Mystery Shopper job description also prepares 7 requirements. These are what the candidate must prepare and, likewise, each company may add it. Well, it is your business and now, here are the seven standard requirements for the meeting:

  • A Mystery Shopper must graduate from high school or has an equivalent diploma.
  • It is important to possess reliable transportation.
  • Impressive non-verbal or written and verbal communication because it must build good communications to some parties.
  • The Secret Shopper must have fantastic memorization abilities.
  • Demonstrate flexible and organizing disposition.
  • It has mesmerizing attention to detail.
  • Lastly, the candidate must have an outstanding ability within undertaking duties impartially and discreetly.

Indeed, working as a Mystery Shopper is extremely exciting and not too difficult to conduct. The most important thing is to keep having fit physic because it always mobiles from one store to another. Thank you for reading the Mystery Shopper job description. Good luck!


  • What is a Mystery Shopper?

A Mystery Shopper spends the days outside for buying randomly and specific products relating to the company. It buys them for gauging the quality of the products and knows the quality of customer services. The result will report to the company that employs them. Secret Shopper is a synonym for this employee.

  • Why does the Mystery Shopper must have a Reliable Transport?

They do not work in an office and it must handle some stores at glance. Therefore, they must mobile in the area that the company assigns.

  • Who does need A Mystery Shopper?

All companies running productivity need it like food, apparel, and so on.


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