Network Engineer Job Description inform on Heavy Duties

Network engineer job description exists in IT and the related-companies like the service providers. This job is plenty, easy to find, and has a lot of interests. What is a networking engineer? Outline all about the networking engineer job description below!

Network Engineer Job Description and 11 Duties/ Responsibilities

The core of the network engineer job description is building and maintaining the computer network. However, it has extender responsibilities until 11 duties such as below:

  1. The engineer will maintain while administering the networks on the computer. This duty applies to the hardware, configurations, system software, and application software.
  2. Perform data backups and recover the disaster operations.
  3. Plan, implement and coordinate network security measures as a form of protection. This way will protect software, data, and hardware.
  4. Ability to resolve software, hardware, system problems, and other networks after diagnosing and troubleshooting.
  5. Ability to replace the faulty component of network hardware.
  6. Maintain, configure, and also monitor email applications and virus protection software.
  7. Determine the adjustment by monitoring network performance.
  8. Make a conferring about the settlement of existing system problems with network users.
  9. Monitor the computer systems and the network performance by operating master consoles.
  10. Coordinate assess between use and computer network.
  11. Design, configure and then test operating system software, networking software, and also computer hardware.

How do apply this Job based on the Network Engineer Job Description?

It turns out how to apply network engineer need a lot of requirements. The network engineer job description has recorded 14 qualifications to apply for this job:

  • Graduate from Information Technology bachelor degree or network engineering focuses diploma.
  • The comprehension of network hardware and network infrastructure is excellent and strong.
  • Ability to visualize solutions after thinking through problems.
  • It has excellent skills in problem-solving and analytical.
  • Dependable and flexible.
  • Network security experience.
  • LAN and WAN experience.
  • Willing to implement, administer, as well as troubleshoot the network of infrastructure devices. Besides that, it applies to switches, routers, firewalls, controllers, and wireless access points.
  • Strong knowledge of network infrastructure protocols and application transport.
  • The network engineer must be always ready to create network diagrams accurately. Next, make documentation for planning and designing network communication systems.
  • Inform on software and hardware selection specific and detail.
  • Willing to learn unfamiliar or new things quickly like products and technology that use internet resources and documentation.
  • Ready work with all staff levels both inside and outside of IT also outside the organization.
  • It should be a self-starter that works independently. Nonetheless, it does not mean not comfortably work within a team.

Please, modify the network engineering job description as you need on the duty and qualification. It is a modern template that offers free-customizable online. Thank you for reading. Utilize it and hire an exceptional network engineer!


  • What is a Network Engineer?

Let’s acquire this job first before talking about deeper information. The engineer or network works to respond to build day-to-day operation of computer networks. It is the network that each organization and company always rely on. After that, the worker (network engineer) should maintain it professionally. By the way, the networks are usually in the form of WAN (wide area network), LAN (local area network), intranet, and extranet.

  • What do you do before posting a job advertisement?

Do not forget to customize the job description pretty the results can be based on your company’s needs.

  • Do you need to interview applicants for a network engineer?

Of course, you should hold it because the responsibility of this profession does not light.


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