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Well-Formatted Non-Profit Fundraising Plan To Download

Some organizations dedicated to focusing on social issues without earning money are called non-profit organizations. While the non-profit fundraising plan is the list of plans formatted in a template and used to prepare the non-profit fundraising program. They earn money yet they use it to achieve the goals instead of distributing the income to the shareholder’s leaders and members of the organization.

If you are one of those who are active in non-profit fundraising events, you had better use the fundraising plan. It is a document designed to have a function of organizing all the activities of an organization’s fundraising event. It typically includes the campaign dates, the strategies, social events details, targeted communication schedule, and donor-tracking plans.

Now you may check out the non-profit fundraising plan template samples to learn.

Simple Fundraising Plan Template

The donation has been becoming one of the fundraising terms for years now. It may come from the generosity of individuals, foundations, sponsorship out of the different corporations, government funding, and merchandise sales.

In this regard, a donation has been included in the simple fundraising plan template you can download to guide you in bringing the fundraising plan into action. This type of plan template is editable and fully customizable, allowing you to add your details easily and make other changes flexibly.

Download this plan template for fundraising in PDF file format with 143Kb size only.

Alliance Fundraising Plan Sample

Alliance fundraising plan sample is aimed to help you operate in many different sectors such as religion, research, science, education, etc. It doesn’t matter on which sector the organization operates, the non-profit fundraising event shares only the funding problem.

This kind of fundraising plan sample begins with the headings and a tough description of why using the alliance fundraising plan is important. The plans are listed well, ensuring that all the fundraising preparations are done and ready to implement.

Download this plan sample soon in PDF file format with 375KB size only.

Non-Profit Fundraising Plan Template

If you want to raise non-profit fundraising for your activities, make sure you make it effective and efficient by the use of a non-profit fundraising plan template. It can pinpoint your target and gain donors. Download this template soon in Google Docs, Pages, and Word file format with A4 and US letter size.   

You can also see non-profit fundraising plan samples we add to this article later on.

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