Nursery Nurse Job Description Template Information

A nursery nurse is a person whose main work is to take care of the infants, newborns, and small children in the hospital. She usually provides RN-level care for children aged up to seven. The nursery nurse job description will also include providing medical and phycological care to children, giving guidance to parents, etc. A nursery nurse must take the nursery nurse job description template to remind her job.

Nursery Nurse Job Description Information

We are looking for a nursery nurse to work in our children’s center and do all the nursery nurse job description works. The candidate must have a nursing license and be able to provide infant care. She needs to have great passion and patience for taking care of newborn babies as well as small children. Plus, having a great sense of empathy and companion is a must for a nursery nurse. More importantly, they need to be communicative to report to parents.

Nursery Nurse Responsibilities

Working as a nursery nurse, you will do all the nursery nurse description tasks and responsibilities. They are:

  • Do all medical care tasks including preparing medications, operating monitoring-devices, performing diagnostic tests, assisting doctors in surgeries, consulting with the healthcare team for the patient’s care plans, etc.
  • Support abused children and promote parenting and health education activities
  • Provide infant and baby care including holding babies, preparing for bottles, changing diapers, feeding babies, giving emotional and physical support, etc. when their parents are not present
  • Perform administrative duties like supervising staff, coordinating health activity programs, arranging the baby’s nursery routine, etc.
  • Record medical information of the babies
  • Maintain accurate patient’s records
  • Discuss the child’s health and development with parents
  • Provide parenting education to parents
  • Develop child development and care planning as well as ensure the children are safe, joyful, and stimulated
  • Encourage and stimulate children’s development through play and certain sensory needs
  • Ensure care center environments are child-friendly
  • Provide expert advice to Pediatricians

Nursery Nurse Job Qualifications

If you would like to apply as a nursery nurse in our small hospital, you must meet the nursery nurse job description qualifications in advance, such as:

  • A Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in Nursing or related field
  • Experienced as a nursery nurse before (preferred)
  • Have a valid nursing license
  • Further training and experience in Neonatal Nursing (preferred)
  • Experienced in NICU will be beneficial
  • Great infant handling skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Good sense of empathy and companion
  • Good interpersonal skill
  • Willing to work in shifts
  • Innovative and critical mind
  • Excellent organizational and observational skills


Nursery Nurse FAQ

What is a Nursery Nurse?

A nursery nurse is the one who will take care of the newborn babies, infants, and small children by meeting their needs. She will pamper babies, change their diapers, feed them, etc. A nursery nurse will always observe and monitor the development of the babies’ health as well as emotions. She will then communicate and report it to the babies’ parents.


What Should You Include in a Nursery Nurse Job Vacancy?

If you are going to post a nursery nurse job vacancy, you must write down all the qualifications and requirements. Therefore, the applicants will know what their tasks are. Plus, it is important to mention the empathy and companionability to make the children feel they are loved.


Do You Need to Interview Applicants for a Nursery Nurse?

A nursery nurse must be dealing with the baby’s needs for all days. That is why you need to interview the applicants. Let you test them to demonstrate to take care of the infants. Having a direct interview may give you information on whether or not the applicants can do nursing duties.


That’s all about the nursery nurse job information; hopefully, it will be a useful template for you who need it.




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