OB-GYN Job Description for handling Women’s Health


OB-GYN job description clarifies detailed responsibilities for people who work in this field. On the other hand, it informs on the qualifications to enter this profession officially. The OB-GYN doctor job description also adds the definitions and other important things. Are you ready to upgrade your knowledge about Obstetrician-Gynecologists that are special for women?

OB-GYN Job Description reveals from the Definition into 8 Responsibilities

OB-GYNs are the same as Obstetrician-Gynecologists where they are the specialized women’s healthcare doctors. They work for diagnosing, treating as well as prevent medical circumstances affecting women. Besides that, they handle mothers during their pregnancies, childbirth, and postpartum. According to those main responsibilities and definition, the OB-GYN job description divides it into 8 duties:

  1. OB-GYN performs various tests like breast exams, pelvic, and pap smears.
  2. It diagnoses and prescribes treatments for illnesses and disorders.
  3. Undertake patients’ check-ups routine.
  4. Monitor while treating expectant mothers since pregnancy. Then, continue during childbirth as well as postpartum.
  5. Record medical histories including the OB-GYN’s responsibility.
  6. Giving patients education about reproductive health and disease detection and prevention.
  7. Liaison to non-medical and other medical personnel.
  8. Keep abreast of the current innovations and practices.

8 OB-GYN Job Description Qualifications in 2020

Next, the OB-GYN job description informs on the requirements that you use to post a job advertisement. There are 8 qualifications for this women’s healthcare physician in 2020. It consists of:

  • The OB-GYN must graduate from a Doctor of Medicine.
  • It undertakes the OB-GYN residency of four years.
  • This women’s health doctor holds a state license and a board certification.
  • It has a medical practice experience.
  • Credible expert diagnostic skills.
  • The OB-GYN characters are compassionate and trustworthy.
  • Ability to demonstrate an impeccable bed manner.
  • Enthralling communication skills.

Advice to Interview Prospective OB-GYN Candidates

This page will not demonstrate how to post a job vacancy here because it is easy. Besides that, discussing the interview session is more important than that. As long as the job list containing roles, duties, and qualifications, they will understand what you need easily. Meanwhile, you will meet numerous prospective candidates in the interview session. Therefore, having the right questions is the key to choose them.

You must test their diagnostic capabilities and knowledge. Go on for knowing how high their passion for women’s health. The third is about the experience of handling women’s mental health issues. Ask about how to work under pressure as well as overcome a crisis. Lastly, you need to test them about their experience to educate their patients.

The information on the OB-GYN job description extremely completes, right? Feel free to adapt it and mix it with your hospital or clinic’s necessary. Good luck!


What is an OB-GYN that handles a woman’s health?

An OB-GYN or Obstetrician-Gynecologist is the physician that works only for women’s health.

How does OB-GYN perform?

It handles her pregnancies and continues on the childbirth and postpartum. As the women’s healthcare specialist, this doctor also diagnoses, treats, and teaches the prevention of women’s illnesses.

How do you screen the Prospective Candidate of OB-GYN?

The key to getting the best OB-GYN is in the interview session by presenting high-quality questions. So, it will right to target and generate the OB-GYN with the most proficient abilities and skills.



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