Occupation Therapist Job Description differs from Caregiver Job

The occupational therapist job description explains concisely about the responsibilities and requirements. Based on the job desk, it resembles a caregiver but this kind of profession using therapeutic and special equipment. Do not vain this opportunity to know the truth about this profession. Let’s pay attention to the following occupational therapy job description!

Occupational Therapist Job Description for 10 Liabilities

Why does it resemble a caregiver? This simple answer shows that clients or patients disable people. Meanwhile, the difference puts on another target of people that are getting an injury. Well, you start to understand both job position but the occupational therapist job description wants to make it clear. So, here are 10 liabilities to undertake in charge:

  1. The occupational therapist starts working by conducting physical. Then, go on psychological assessments of clients. Besides that, it has a duty to follow or develop a treatment plan.
  2. Assess two environments of clients before deciding to adjust treatment. Assess on the workspace and home.
  3. Assist clients to conduct their daily activities by advising on adaptive tools.
  4. Help the clients that regain lost skills by developing programs of physical rehabilitation.
  5. Help the clients preparing for a return to work.
  6. Next, it has a mandate to educate family members and caregivers to treat the clients.
  7. It also evaluates the progress of the therapy to the patients (clients).
  8. Keep providing the best treatment program for clients by maintaining technical progress and professional knowledge.
  9. Complying with local, federal, and state requirements.
  10. Lastly, the occupational therapist works by evaluating the condition of the clients. It will evaluate according to the basic mental and physical health.

8 Requirements on Occupational Therapist Job Description

Based on the duties of the occupational therapist, the position is higher than the caregiver. Therefore, it has a right to educate them along with the family members. What’s next? Okay, the occupational therapist job description will about 8 requirements to fulfill such as below:

  • It must graduate from occupational therapy to a bachelor’s degree. But, the universities must get a certificate from AOTA or ACOTE. AOTA means the American -Occupational Therapy Association and ACOTE are Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education.
  • The candidate gets a certificate from a National Board for Certification.
  • Proficient in operating various computer applications.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills of communication.
  • Obey the regulation requirements of state healthcare.
  • Update knowledge of the physical therapy programs and treatment practices.
  • Proficient to take care of patients although with different personalities.
  • Ability to make an assessment of the patient’s circumstance. It can work with treatment plans.

Hopefully, all information on the occupational therapist job description satisfies you. So, you ensure to use it as a guide to arranging your cooler job description. Good luck!


  • What is Occupational Therapist?

It is an employee working to treat disabled, injured, or ill patients. Different from the caregiver, it uses therapeutic and special equipment to help their daily activities.

  • What does Occupational Therapist Duties?

It assists the patients to regain, improve, and develop their lost skills. The occupational therapist starts it from the day to day life and work. However, this professional is also willing to care for acute patients and long-term patient care.

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