Office Administrator Job Description Works Information


An office administrator, who is known as an office manager, becomes a person who handles all the tasks of administration well. Usually, an administrator will work with all departments in the company. Anyway, for your information, the office administrator job description may also include managing clerical works, organizing meetings, and coordinating calendars. Usually, to remind her works, an office administrator will have an office administrator job description template.

Office Administrator Job Description Information

We are looking for a person to work as an office administrator in our office to do all office administrator job description duties. The candidates must have great knowledge of administration. Plus, they should have excellent communication skills since they will work with all people in all departments. As an office administrator, it is a must for you to operate Microsoft Office.

Office Administrator Job Responsibilities

To be a good office administrator, you must do all responsibilities as well as the office administrator job description requirements, including:

  • welcome visitors and direct them to the relevant department
  • Do other relevant duties if it is necessary
  • Carry out clerical jobs including answering phone calls, preparing documents, responding to emails, etc.
  • Create memos, resumes, reports, and presentation
  • Maintain office facilities as well as items and equipment
  • Coordinate and manage appointments and meetings with clients
  • Book the conference room for meeting
  • Purchase office supplies, items, equipment, furniture, etc.
  • Manage and handle bookkeeping tasks including invoicing, budget tracking and monitoring several accounts
  • Maintain common office files related to the company’s operations such as job files or vendor files

Office Administrator Job Qualifications

If you would like to work as an office administrator, you must meet the qualifications of the office administrator job description, such as:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business or administration or High school diploma or equivalent
  • Experienced as an office administrator (min. 2 years) (necessary)
  • Well-trained in handling confidential records and information
  • Excellent multi-tasking and time management skills
  • Great communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Be able to operate Microsoft Office including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, and MS Outlook


Office Administrator FAQ

What is an office administrator?

An office administrator becomes the person who will create a schedule for meeting, book conference room, and do clerical tasks. She will also be the one who purchases official needs, items, supplies, and equipment as well. Doing bookkeeping works must seem usual for an office administrator.


What Should You Include in an Office Administrator Job Vacancy?

If you are about to post an office administrator job vacancy, you need to inform the applicants about the major qualifications needed. It is important for an office administrator to be communicative since she will receive phone calls, book room, order the company’s needs, etc. Plus, it is a must to require multi-tasking skills, too. Remember, this job might ask you to do several tasks at one time.


Do You Need to Interview Applicants for Office Administrators?

An office administrator is one of the important positions in a company. Without her, you must get difficulty to do varied tasks such as making a schedule, booking room, picking up phone calls, etc. Therefore, let you have a direct interview to know whether or not you will find a capable one.


Finally, this office administrator job information may be a useful template for an office administrator to list her tasks.




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