Office Clerk Job Description: Be Good Assistant for the Company

An office clerk is also well known as an office assistant or receptionist. In this office clerk job description, you will know the duties of this job. It can be making a schedule for the meeting, prepare the documents, and update the company records. To know it more, please follow this office clerk job description for resume well!

The Responsibilities of the Office Clerk Job Description

The office clerks have some main responsibilities in doing their job. What are they? Here are the responsibilities to know.

  1. Record the meetings

When the company holds a meeting with an intern or extern, the office clerk must record the meetings. It means that they must have such a transcript of the meeting result. Here, they must write all of the information in detail or the point of the meeting.

  1. Answer the telephone

The second duty of the office clerks is answering the telephone and distributing the messages to the other employees. Besides, they must also redirect the calls to the proper department.

  1. Make a schedule

What do you know about the responsibility in this office clerk job description? Actually, the office clerks have to help the company to make a schedule of the meetings. Besides, they must make a plan for the activities of the various department and also the calendars.

  1. Book the travel

Then, what is the next responsibility of the office clerk? Yea, as the office clerks, they should make a plan and also book the arrangements for the travel. In addition, please remember to order the venues too for the company events!

  1. Get the files

What does it mean? It means that the office clerk has to maintain the files of the company and don’t forget to record it! It will help you to make sure that the files will remain updated.

The Main Requirements in the Office Clerk Job Description

On the other hand, there will be available for you some requirements that you have to fulfill as an office clerk. So, let’s check them out in detail!

  1. Get a high school diploma

The first requirement to get the position of an office clerk is that you must get the equivalent qualification or high school diploma.

  1. Have experience

To be the office clerks, they must have at least 2 years’ experience. It is, of course, the experience in a clerical position.

  1. Have great knowledge

Then, what is the third duty of the office clerks in the office clerk job description? As the excellent office clerks, you must have good knowledge of office procedures. They must also be good at the basic accounting process.

  1. Can use computers

It is also a must for the office clerks to be able to use the computers. It is especially in operating Microsoft Office.


What are the duties of the office clerks?

A good office clerk must convince that the operations of the company’s daily office run well. You can do it by answering the telephone, distributing mail, and others.


What are the needed requirements to be an office clerk? 

To get this position, you must have good skills in the organization, have the clerical experience, and can use the computers well.


That is about the office clerk job description. Please learn it well if you need this position!


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